You will also love this plant-based meal delivery

You will also love this plant-based meal delivery

New year, enjoy me. Right? Well, such a one. I really am not a supporter of decisions, or the idea that we should make a complete 180 on the person we were last year. However, I am always excited to start the new year on a fresh start and return to routines that get a little blurry during the holidays.

As a vegetarian and plant based person, I already eat fruits and vegetables at the forefront of my meals every day. With the start of the new year and after pampering myself over the holidays, I wanted to return to my meals and routines with a focus on whole foods without feeling deprived. One way I did it this year? By committing to eating plant-based, nutritionally packaged Daily Harvest food for breakfast, lunch and dinner all week.

I was already a fan of Daily Harvest Smoothies, but had not ventured out to try some of their other options. To be honest, I’ve never really been a fan of ready meals. I often find that they are either boring in taste or not filling enough to keep me from indulging in a late night cake hunt. Or even worse, I find that I have to compensate for the fact that the food is not solid enough and have to substantiate the finished food with a lot of toppings or accessories. In the end, I think that kind of defeats the purpose of convenience. However, I’m open to trying new ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables, and was excited to see what I would think of Daily Harvest outside of smoothies (and more importantly, if the meals would keep me satisfied throughout my post-vacation Reset!)

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I first tried Daily Harvest’s Smoothies a few years ago and I’ve kept a stash of them in my freezer ever since. The convenience of having near-clear options that require zero preparation but also incorporate ingredients that give me the variety I crave is irreplaceable. In addition, I love getting my daily serving of fruits and vegetables by simply adding the ingredients and a liquid to a blender. As part of my return to the routine after the holidays, I was excited to experience the full range of Daily Harvest collections.

If you’ve never tried Daily Harvest, let me give you a try.

I use the weekly delivery schedule regularly (but you can also choose monthly). I love the flexible delivery option where I take breaks for weeks where I travel or have a full freezer from recipe testing (and there is an email reminder that is useful if I have to skip a week). As a vegetarian, my hesitation in providing food services is that they do not have enough variety, so I love that everything offered by Daily Harvest is already plant-based. And it contains more than 100 options! The food is always gluten- and milk-free, while also being free of gums, preservatives and something artificial, so it works for almost everyone.

What I love most about Daily Harvest is that it makes it as easy to get back into the routine as adding ingredients to a pan or in the oven. No preparation needed, no shopping list for ingredients that will wither in the back of the fridge, and no food waste! As a recipe developer, I love to cook and bake and be creative in the kitchen though even I need practical options that are just as tasteful as anything I could make on my own. That’s what I really lean on Daily Harvest for. I can spend the whole day testing recipes and then lean on something easy and delicious when dinner arrives.

To return to the routine, I relied on the collections below to help me through the week.

So let’s circle back to Harvest Bakes. Of all the foods from Daily Harvest, the new collection is perhaps just my favorite addition to my weekly deliveries.

So let’s start with the best part. There is absolutely no preparation needed outside of the preheating of your oven. Harvest Bakes are cooked in just 20 minutes – baking in all the homemade flavors, but require none of the hard work! This opportunity created the perfect dinner as part of my return to routine, and because they are packed with healthy proteins and fiber, I felt completely satisfied. The portions are large enough to share, to save for later or to keep completely to yourself.

The true test of how good these are? Getting my brother to try them with me. He was in town visiting and I knew that if he tried them and liked them, they would work for everyone. Not only is he incredibly picky with flavors and ingredients, but he really needs his dinner to be hearty. I thought he would need some extra toppings like an egg or avocado to make them feel like a full dinner, or top them with a lot of sauces and toppings to enjoy the taste.

The verdict? “This feels like something I wanted will have to eat instead of something I. have to eat. Much better than any other ready-made freezer dinner I’ve ever had. It’s actually filling. I would eat it again. ”

Y’all, if Daily Harvest gets my brother’s approval stamp, the food will work for everyone.

We both really loved the Cremini + Smoked Paprika Ropa Vieja with plantain. I topped it with some milk-free sour cream and chopped coriander and green onions. I was also a big fan of Gigante Bean + Artichoke Olio and would definitely bake it up in the oven for a quick and cozy dinner during these cold winter months. And my brother loved the Squash + Wild Rice Gratin, which we topped with some fresh basil and a splash of lemon. The flavors are delicious and I love that I can just put the baking sheet right in the oven and eat a filling dinner on a whim.

I consider that my reset after vacation is a success thanks to these Bakes that keep my dinners delicious and satisfying.

While there are so many things to juggle with these days, it’s one less thing to worry about being able to incorporate my daily fruits and vegetables in a convenient and easy way thanks to my daily harvest. I will definitely continue my smoothie-stashing ways, and can not wait to start incorporating Harvest Bakes and Scoops into my regular deliveries.

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