Winter diet: 7 classic winter recipes to try today

Winter diet: 7 classic winter recipes to try today

Winters are coming and we find ourselves reaching for everything that is hot, greasy and sugary. While the fried pakodas and hot momos feel good and soothing on a chilly winter evening, constant dependence on these foods is not the best for our health. It is necessary to maintain a balance and the best thing is that you do not have to look far and wide to do so. Because along with its many other rewards, the winter season also gives us a range of seasonal fruits and vegetables that are nutritious, healthy and give us the energy it takes to function in the cold weather. Indian cuisine boasts a variety of traditional winter dishes ranging from sweet to savory. From the classic sarso ka saag to the decadent Gajar ka halwa and the oh-so-delicious palak paneer – these are some of the classic winter recipes you should have.

Here are 7 classic winter recipes to try today

1. Sarsao ka sag:

Starts the list with a real blue winter essential. Sarso ka saag is one of the many winter vegetables that we love to enjoy on a regular basis. And like many other green leafy vegetables, sarso ka saag has many health benefits, just as it is a rich source of antioxidants, it is rich in iron and dietary fiber, and it is also good for eyesight. Add blobs of white butter and enjoy a plate full of sarso ka saag with roti or parathas. Click here for the recipe.

2. Matar ka nimona:

Green really dominates our winter diet, right? But with a curry that is so easy and delicious, we certainly do not complain. A green pea curry that screams winter like no other, Matar ka nimona is a tasty curry from Uttar Pradesh that you should definitely try soon, especially if you like the taste of the refreshing evergreen peas. Here’s the recipe for you.


Matar ka Nimona is a delicious matar curry

Gajar Ka Halwa:

Do we need to say something about the decadent Gjar ka Halwa? It is warm, soft and sticky, filled with ghee and just tastes heavenly! A spoonful of this delicacy can warm your heart and taste buds at the same time, even better; The natural sweetness of carrots also means that you will cut down on unnecessary sugar consumption. Here’s how to make this dessert at home.

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4. Bharwan Gobhi:

A perfectly rich and robust lunch recipe, bharwan gobhi is a must-have in the winter season. While cauliflower may be available year-round, it’s basically a winter vegetable, and that’s what makes the winter party irresistible! If you are a gobhi fan, you should definitely add bharwa gobhi to your winter diet. Here is an easy recipe for you.


Cauliflower tastes delicious in winter

5. Palak Paneer:

Paneer is a stable vegetarian item in winter or summer, but its various variations keep us full with each passing season. For example, the green leafy vegetable Palak is in abundance during the winters, and this makes it even more necessary to prepare a delicious palak paneer. Easy and quick to make, palak paneer does not require much effort or ingredients, if you want an easy recipe to follow, here it is.

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6. Methi paratha:

Methi’s versatility never fails to impress us, from methi pakoda to methi chicken, you can add this winter leafy vegetable in almost any kind of recipe. So next time you have a lot of methi lying around the house and do not know what to put up with it, try making this delicious and easy breakfast recipe. Here’s the recipe for you.

7. To God Papad:

Both sesame and jaggery are considered to be hot foods that help us stay free from colds and coughs. Both are also considered to help build immunity and are abundantly available in the winter. Make this easy dessert at home in minutes, store and gnaw these goodies from time to time to keep you protected from the winter cold. Click here for the recipe.

There you have it, try these healthy and homemade classic winter recipes. Which one did you like best? Tell us in the comments below.


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