Winter diet: 5 delicious vegetarian recipes to try this season

Winter diet: 5 delicious vegetarian recipes to try this season

Come winter and all our diet plans are at stake! The air makes us want to cuddle up in a blanket and consume everything spicy, hot and delicious. But when we seem to be reaching for that plate of greasy noodles and fat, hot kolebhature, it’s important to remind ourselves of the seasonal delights that winter also brings with it! High on the list of winter healthy foods are saag, the green leafy vegetables that we often see in our pantry when the cold comes. These vegetables are as healthy as they are delicious, but if you ask us, they have been ignored as the usual simple lunch accompaniment for too long now! These humble green leafy vegetables can do wonders for our overall health, but did you know that you could include these in your diet in many more interesting ways than just a plain old aloo methi ki sabji? Well if you did not, you’re in for a treat! For from chaat to naan and even missi roti, here are some of the interesting delicious ways you can include saag in your winter diet.

5 delicious recipes to include winter vegetables for your diet

Palak Patta Chaat:

Crispy and fresh chats always manage to make us drool, but we can not imagine that green leafy vegetables are part of the street favorites right? If you think this is true, this palak patta chaat will make you reconsider your choices! Made with crispy palak ke paate that has been dipped in besan dough and fried, this crisp winter product is a must-try if you like chaats or palak. Pour curd, tamarind chutney, masalas, pomegranate and sev and dig right in! Here’s the recipe for you.

5c6rrb7Try making this delicious palak patta chaat

2. Majs Palak ki tikki:

These mouth-watering tikkis are made with delicious and tasty palak and corn. Easy to make and prepare, these are one of the perfect vegetarian starters for your winter parties or for snacks at home! Add mashed potatoes and paneer, mix it all, coat with a cornmeal mixture and low fry. Serve it with cooling mint chutney or spicy hot sauce; here is the recipe for you.

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Bajra-Mathi Missi Roti:

Soft and airy missi rotis completes our meals like no other. This winter you can spice up the flavors and make a delicious bajra methi missi roti instead. Both Bajra and methi are known for health benefits and you can combine both to make a nutritious and tasty addition to your winter diet. All you have to do is combine all the ingredients and make a soft dough, roll out thin rotis and serve with chutney or a curry of your choice. Click here for the recipe.


Methi missi roti is both delicious and healthy

Paneer Methi Satay:

Paneer Satay is a popular dish among paneer lovers, a classic starter and party item, the juicy marinated sticks of paneer are toasted with peppers on the skewers. The perfect addition to a winter party menu, roasted paneer satay with the taste of methi is delicious and aromatic, try it yourself, here’s the recipe.

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5. Soy Methi Garlic Naan:

We paired the delicious garlic naan with a range of our favorite curries, right? But this winter season, the garlic naan recipe comes with a twist of methi saag in it. Made with soy flour and maida, the soft and flaky naan can be enjoyed with any curry of your choice. Brush with a mixture of butter and milk for the restaurant as icing on these delicious naans. Here’s the recipe for you.


Pair methi naan with curries of your choice.

Try these winter green recipes this season; tell us which one is your favorite in the comments below.


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