Where to get hot chocolate in the center of Burlington

Where to get hot chocolate in the center of Burlington

‘It’s season to warm up from the inside out with a hot chocolate.

The winter drink satisfies the sweet tooth and provides warmth on the cold days and nights in Vermont. It is a particular favorite after hitting the slopes. The warm mug also acts as a natural hand warmer.

Where can one get a steaming mug with the sweet things? Here are five vendors in the center of Burlington presenting their hot chocolate drink.

Where to get hot chocolate

Monarch & the Milkweed

Monarch & the Milkweed brought back its distinctive hot chocolate after two years, according to an Instagram post on December 18th. The Burlington restaurant said it hand-picks quality chocolate for use, makes its own marshmallow marshmallows and brûlées on top.

Location: 111 St. Paul St.

More info: Monarch & the Milkweed at monarchandthemilkweed.com.

Lake Champlain chocolate

The chocolate shop sells cans of its hot chocolate and packets of marshmallows, but you can also try the item at the flagship store in Burlington by ordering a drink at the espresso and hot chocolate bar.

Location: 750 Pine St.

More info: Lake Champlain Chocolates at https://www.lakechamplainchocolates.com.

Where to get hot chocolate in the center of Burlington

Crude coffee

Among the specialized coffee drinks and cakes, Kru Coffee also offers hot chocolate. The store is located at one end of Church Street Marketplace on the corner of Pearl Street.

Location: 2 Church St.

More info: Kru Coffee Burlington at krucoffee.com/

Leunigs Petit Bijou

Leunig’s Petit Bijou, the kiosk opposite Leunig’s Bistro & Café, offers cakes, hot drinks and you guessed it, hot chocolate. Theirs is a Belgian hot chocolate drink with steamed milk and vanilla whipped cream.

Location: 115 Church St.

More info: Leunig’s Petit Bijou at leunigsbistro.com/petit-bijou-kiosk-menu

Black Cap coffee and beer

Black Cap Coffee & Beer is a bakery and café with coffee, food and beer. It has three locations across Vermont – in Burlington, Stowe and Morrisville. Hot chocolate is among the offerings at its Burlington location.

Location: 42 Church St.

More info: Black Cap Coffee & Beer Burlington at blackcapvermont.com.

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