Where to Find Puerto Rican Food in Des Moines

Where to Find Puerto Rican Food in Des Moines

Where to Find Puerto Rican Food in Des Moines

Hey everybody! I’m Melody Mercado, the Registers Des Moines city government reporter, and I’m a “Saturday Night Live” host wannabe.

Welcome to my edition of Off Hours, a free weekly newsletter about all the entertainment from the Des Moines Register. Good holiday!

I was in Puerto Rico this month for a much needed vacation.  This is the view in December from El Morro, an old war fort located in Viejo San Juan.

The agreement

Here’s the deal: A Latino Christmas is the best type of Christmas.

I’m Puerto Rican, and if you’ve never been to a Puerto Rico party … I feel sorry for you. We know how to eat, drink and are happy. I mean even our Christmas music proves that point – with a baby Jesus thrown in here and there.

My mom and I popped out with a freshly prepared serving of coquito.

Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite holiday songs “Me Gustan las Navidades”, which is often spun in the Mercado family.

i like christmas (I love the Christmas holidays)

Tell them Puerto Rico (With a taste of Puerto Rico)

Eat cakes and suckling pig (eats cakes and fried pork)

And give me some sticks (And drinks a little bit)

Some of my favorite holiday memories include helping my mom cook. OK, my cooking was basically tasting, but don’t blame me: the aromas from that kitchen would make anyone’s stomach grumble with greed.

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