Where to eat at Canary Wharf This Veganuary

Where to eat at Canary Wharf This Veganuary

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January 13, 2022


Bird, Kayak Kitchen, Anniversary Square

Vegans do not have to miss burgers. In fact, many plant-based versions compete with their traditional equivalent. Bird at Wharf Kitchen has two delicious specials: The Vegan Falafel Burger or The No Chick’n Cauli Burger, both of which can be enjoyed with Naked Fries. Finish with a vegan caramel cake or a vegan New York Fruits of the Forest Cheesecake.

BrewDog, Churchill Place

Brewdog has constantly torn up the rulebook and is out to prove that January does not have to be virtue and thrift. Get involved in its Vegan All Stars campaign at Churchill Place Outpost – just quote “I’m a Vegan All Star” when ordering to get 2-for-1 on all vegan and veggie entrees. What could be better than that? Wash it down with free refills of its non-alcoholic pints all month, that’s what.

Chai Ki, Crossrail Place

Chai Ki has a selection of vegan dishes on the menu – get a taste of India thanks to its Bombay Bhel and Schezwan Aloo chatpattas and chaats, its Sigri Aubergine dish or Jackfruit Biryani. Meanwhile, its Dakshini dish is ideal if you are not sure what to order.

Chipotle, Anniversary Place

You can not beat a burrito – it is, after all, a fully balanced meal contained in a wrap. Choose the filling at Chipotle, which also serves bespoke vegan dishes and salad bowls, while you can top any of the dishes with fresh guacamole for a cool and healthy taste, and to get extra fruit – yes, avocado is a fruit! – into your diet.

It is no surprise that the brand was born out of a belief that there is a connection between how food is raised and cooked and how it tastes, where chefs use classic culinary skills to cook and cook real food fresh in the restaurant each day.

Chop’d, Canada Place

There are plenty of plant-based options at Chop’d – from salads to soups, wraps to stews – all made from the very best ingredients. The natural, seasonal and local ingredients that the chefs use equate to tasty, nutritious and healthy meals.

Limp, Cabot Place

With an ever-changing seasonal menu, Cojean’s philosophy is “solid good” food. Advocates for healthy and nutritious convenience food and offers a variety of organic and sustainable coffee, breakfast, lunch and weekly specials as well as juices made to order. Just some of its many vegan options include vegetable gyoza miso soup, legacy of vegetables and sage crumble and avocado toast.

Crosstown, Jubilee Place

Crosstown has teamed up with Max La Manna to create a vegan bread pudding using remaining donuts – and it also has a feel-good factor, with 15 percent of sales donated to The Felix Project, a charity that fights hunger and food waste across. London.

Crussh, Jubilee Place and One Canada Square

Perhaps best known for its freshly squeezed raw fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and health shots, Crussh also has an extensive vegan menu – think hotpots, salads, soups, sandwiches, bagels, wraps and sweets.

Farmer J, Canada Place & Jubilee Place

Farmer J’s field hills are filled with goodness when they put their best ‘vegetable foot forward’. Simply choose a base, a main course, two sides and a sauce, and with plant-based options including Farmer’s Grains, Lime Leaf Tofu Curry, Roasted Cauliflower, Roasted Sweet Potato, Kale Miso Slaw and Walnut, Pumpkin and Green Lover?

Gallio, Atrium Kitchen, Cabot Place

Gallio’s menu, which celebrates the feel-good taste and emotions of the Mediterranean, is bursting with flavor thanks to its colorful and fresh dishes inspired by this part of the world. And there are also plenty of treats as its items can be customized to suit Veganuary, with vegan cheeses and dressings for salads and side dishes.

Humble Grape, Mackenzie Walk

Situated on a waterfront terrace, the independent wine bar, shop and restaurant Humble Grape showcases its vegan wines this Veganuary, including its Tempranillo / Petit Verdot and Riesling wines, while its Mea Sipon is a great alternative to Prosecco. Drink in, or buy a bottle or two from their online wine store.

Iberian, Cabot Square

While tapas are closely linked to meat and cheese, Ibérica serves some special dishes during January, giving vegans – both regular and temporary – a chance to enjoy Andalusian delicacies such as crispy eggplant and ajoblanco with artichoke and grapes. Plus discover the best vintage to rinse these down with by attending its online vegan wine tasting event on January 21st; click here for more information and booking details.

Island Poké, Crossrail Place

Do you dream of warmer skies this winter? Let Island Poké transport you to Hawaii. Choose from its bowls or build your own – there are thousands of different combinations to choose from.

Le Pain Quotidien, Jubilee Place

Its rustic interior matches its organic farm food roots at Le Pain Quotidien. It boasts a menu packed with vegan dishes – from vegan cakes including croissants, painful raisins, cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins to plant-based tagines, quiches, soups and tartines for main courses. Finish a meal with one of its vegan desserts, which include pumpkin pie, lemon polenta cake, lemon pie, red velvet cake, carrot cake and orange and ganache pie.

Kaleido, One Canada Square

To reinvent the salad is Kaleido. Wrapping fresh ingredients in a thin and transparent rice paper that is only 30 calories and gluten-free, its colorful salad rolls are perfect for a quick lunch. Vegan rolls include Falafel and Hummus, Vegan Chicken Tikka, Eggplant in Tamari, Sweet Potato and Tahini, Peanuts and Vegetables and Roasted Red Pepper.

Natural fitness food, Canada Place

Created by nutritionists and made by chefs, Natural Fitness Food also offers vegan plans such as Build Your Own Package, Set Daily Schedule, Home and Office Supplies and even an eight-week nutrition program – ideal if you want to extend Veganuary to February.

Neat Burger, coming soon to Atrium Kitchen, Cabot Place

With Lewis Hamilton as ambassador, Neat Burger is a plant-based restaurant group that satisfies everyone’s craving for American food by tasting like the real thing, with the added bonus of being good for the planet.

No35 Mackenzie Walk

Are you looking for a restaurant with extensive vegan options? Go to No35 Mackenzie Walk, which has a dedicated plant-based menu in full size with brunch, small and large plates and Sunday lunch options as well as delicious puds.

Pure, One Canada Square

The clue is in the name of Pure, and in addition to a wide range of plant-based options, the team behind the brand continues to keep up with the latest foodie trends with ingredients such as kale, coconut water and spirulina.

Shake Shack, Park Pavilion

Shake Shacks Vegan Crispy Shallot Burger is now available at the Canary Wharf department. Made in collaboration with chef Neil Rankin of roasted mushrooms and onions, miso, bulgur wheat and a blend of spices, for the first time ever, Shack fans can swap any beef patty on their core menu out with the vegan version!

Vurger Co. Wharf Kitchen, Jubilee Place

Leading by being one of the first vegan brands ever is The Vurger Co. at Wharf Kitchen, where everything on the menu is plant-based – so you do not have to think about examining the menu to see what you can and cannot eat. Think of soul-satisfying plant-based fast food, where its burgers, for example, are made from 100 percent vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains and legumes. Not only is the food guilt-free, but the brand is helping to revolutionize fast food through the power of plants.

Urban Greens, 40 Bank Street

Lifting salads to a whole new level is Urban Greens, where you can grab your greens and most of your five a day. Not only does it offer healthy, nutritious and tasty salads, but each one has been carefully developed with a combination of delicious ingredients and exciting textures that complement each other.

Wagamama, Anniversary Place

Last year, Wagamama committed to making its menu 50 percent plant-based. And its vegan options include comfort food, ideal for January; think winter-warming ramen and rice dishes plentiful.

And while you’re here, explore our open spaces, designed with serenity in mind …

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