Where can you relax by a campfire in Philly?  Here are some of our favorite bars and restaurants with fireplaces and campfire sites.

Where can you relax by a campfire in Philly? Here are some of our favorite bars and restaurants with fireplaces and campfire sites.

When cool temperatures hit Philadelphia, there are few things better than shaking off the cold at your favorite local restaurant with a good drink and stomach-warming snack. Especially when the restaurant or bar also serves as a fireplace or fire pit.

And here in the Philly area, there are a wealth of great local eateries and ponds where you can warm up the fireplace indoors or keep the cold at bay by the campfire outdoors. Which is good news, because there’s nothing like a crackling fire to breathe a little life back into you when the winter cold sets in.

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So here are almost two dozen bars and restaurants in Philly where you can relax with food and drink by the fireplace.

πŸ”₯ outdoors

If you want your fire al fresco, Assembly has turned into the ski lodge-inspired Alpine Heights at Assembly for February. This place is located on top of the Logan Hotel and offers a bird’s eye view of the city along with several cozy outdoor campfires plus hot cocktails like mulled wine cider with bourbon and hot chocolate with peanutbutter whiskey as well as local winter beers from e.g. Victory and Troegs.

πŸ“ 1840 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy., πŸ“ž 215-783-4171, πŸ“· @AssemblyPHL, 🌐 assemblyrooftop.com

πŸ”₯ indoors

Grab a glass of natural wine, some coffee or a small plate of locally focused food to enjoy in front of Bloomsday’s modern, double-sided gas fireplace. However, our choice is to enjoy it from the lounge side near the front window – it just feels nicer that way. Still cool? Warm up even more with a hot cocktail, like hot chocolate with chartreuse or “Gucci Cider” with Bonal and Sfumato.

πŸ“ 414 S. Second St., πŸ“ž 267-319-8018, πŸ“· @BloomsdayCafe, 🌐 bloomsdaycafe.com

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πŸ”₯ outdoors

The people who brought us to Suraya stand behind this sleek, modern Mexican restaurant in Center City, which features an indoor-outdoor dining room complete with heat lamps and an equally elegant, modern campfire site. Hungry? Well. Their menu, which won praise from Craig LaBan, features dishes like carnitas and lamb adobado tacos, steak with charred nopales and huitlacoche quesadillas.

πŸ“ 1830 Ludlow St., πŸ“ž 267-930-5600, πŸ“· @CondesaPhilly, 🌐 condesaphilly.com

πŸ”₯ indoors

Stephen Starr’s Rittenhouse location evokes the feeling of sitting down to a draft beer or a plate at a fine British pub, complete with a good old-fashioned brick fireplace to warm your bones during Philly’s cold winters. To complete the experience, you can sit by the fire with a glass of draft beer, served at the cellar’s natural temperature, just as it has been done in real British pubs for hundreds of years.

πŸ“ 124 S. 18th St., πŸ“ž 215-558-2500, πŸ“· @TheDandelionPub, 🌐 thedandelionpub.com

πŸ”₯ indoors

This funky yet comfortably relaxed Center City bar is a great place to thaw during your next winter outing – all you have to do is go upstairs. There you will find a cozy little fireplace at the back that can best be combined with a cold beer and a burger or sandwich, or some nachos and spicy dry rub wings.

πŸ“ 1907 Chestnut St., πŸ“ž 215-751-0707, πŸ“· @ DevilsAlley215, 🌐 devilsalleybarandgrill.com

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πŸ”₯ indoors

This beer-centric, South Philly spot lights up its double-sided, wood-burning stove in the dining area each December. Go here for more than a dozen draft beers – like Yards ‘Long Jawn (a dark winter lager) or TrΓΆegs’ named for the winter IPA Blizzard of Hops – plus cocktails, a variety of towns (a beer and a shot), and bites like duck fritters and mussels.

πŸ“ 1148 S. 11th St., πŸ“ž 215-339-0855, πŸ“· @DevilsDenPhilly, 🌐 devilsdenphilly.com

πŸ”₯ outdoors

Numerous wood-burning stoves are scattered throughout the outdoor area of ​​this Fishtown beer neck, giving it an immaculate al fresco winter drinking and dining vibe – especially when combined with a mulled wine or hot apple cider with honey bourbon or cinnamon schnapps. And if you want a real campfire experience, there’s even a low-stakes s’more set available for $ 3 (plus a range of German sausages, side dishes and appetizers if you want something spicy).

πŸ“ 1210 Frankford Ave., πŸ“ž 215-634-3338, πŸ“· @FrankfordHall, 🌐 frankfordhall.com

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πŸ”₯ indoors

With hundreds of beers available, this bar and restaurant is a paradise for beer lovers in South Philly. But if you want to warm up, head to the homely, ski hut-like nook near the dining area to relax by the super-toasty fireplace. And if you want to take some warmth home with you, you’re in luck: Hawthorne’s also serves as a bottle shop (complete with natural wines).

πŸ“ 738 S. 11th St., πŸ“ž 215-627-3012, πŸ“· @HawthornesBeerCafe, 🌐 hawthornecafe.com

πŸ”₯ indoors and outdoors

In Mount Airy, chef-owner David Jansen prepares elevated modern American cuisine at the historic Cresheim Cottage, which dates back to the 18th century. In addition to offerings like citrus-forward yellowtail ceviche and braised short ribs with tomato risotto, you will also find a comfortable toasty gas fireplace in the dining room and a fire pit to warm you up if you eat outdoors.

πŸ“ 7402 Germantown Ave., πŸ“ž 267-335-5041, πŸ“· @JansenMtAiry, 🌐 jansenmtairy.com

πŸ”₯ outdoors

This Chestnut Hill Farmers Market is home to vendors such as Chestnut Hill Brewing Co., Southern Flames BBQ and about a dozen other locations – all of which you can enjoy indoors or outdoors in the dining hall. If you choose to bring your drinks or meal outdoors, do not miss the market’s eponymous “Fareway” area, which has a gas fire surrounded by funky, colorful wingback-style chairs.

πŸ“ 8221 Germantown Ave., πŸ“ž 570-726-7030, πŸ“· @MarketAtTheFareway, 🌐 marketatthefareway.com

πŸ”₯ indoors

It does not get much hotter than the fireplace at Martha, where a wood-burning stove stands just a few meters from the bar. Pair it with one of their amazing hoagies, a meat or cheese board, some snacks like gin and tonic olives and maybe a sour beer, a glass of natural wine or a fancy cocktail (or two) and you’re golden.

13 2113 E. York St., πŸ“ž 215-867-8881, πŸ“· @MarthaKensington, 🌐 marthakensington.com

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πŸ”₯ indoors

McCrossen’s Tavern, which has been a Fairmount favorite for more than two decades, serves cold beers and hot food (like fried salmon and pork roast) in its casual, unpretentious setting. Plus, you can enjoy your meal overlooking their classic, toasty fireplace located in the dining room just near the bar.

πŸ“ 529 N. 20th St., πŸ“ž 215-854-0923, πŸ“· @McCrossensTav, 🌐 mccrossens.com

πŸ”₯ indoors

If walls could speak, McGillin’s – the oldest continuously operating pub in Philadelphia – could tell you about a time when its fireplace was used more out of necessity than just out of ambiance. Either way, today this bar’s fireplace provides plenty of warmth and atmosphere when the weather is frosty, especially when enjoyed with one of their winter cocktails and house specialties like shepherd’s pie or fish and chips.

10 1310 Drury St., πŸ“ž 215-735-5562, πŸ“· @McGillinsOldeAleHouse, 🌐 mcgillins.com

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πŸ”₯ indoors

Considered the city’s “premier Irish pub”, this Old City eatery from customs officers (and natives of Ireland) Marion Ryder and Jerome Donovan has been around for over 20 years, serving everything from Guinness stew and shepherd’s pie to chicken curry and beer-filled bangers . And when it’s cold outside, you will experience their wood burning roar in a cozy room not too far from the bar.

πŸ“ 123 Chestnut St., πŸ“ž 215-733-0300, πŸ“· @ThePloughPhilly, 🌐 ploughstars.com

πŸ”₯ indoors

Chef Matt Buehler keeps his stomachs full of dishes like escargot Bordelaise, foie gras terrine and boudin noir at this bistro-brasserie in the Old City. And its gas fireplace, located at the back of the restaurant and topped with a classic chestnut mantle, keeps the room warm and atmospheric enough to match the corresponding romantic French food.

πŸ“ 52 S. Second St., πŸ“ž 267-606-6313, πŸ“· @RoyalBoucherie, 🌐 royalboucherie.com

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πŸ”₯ indoors

In addition to an excellent, extensive draft beer list (which includes draft and nitro offerings) and a menu packed with elevated pub food (like liver-and-onion croquettes and squash fritters), this Northern Liberties favorite also happens to have a great fireplace. Located upstairs by the bar on the second floor, the fireplace is a great place to warm up away from the crowd.

πŸ“ 901 N. Second St., πŸ“ž 215-238-0630, πŸ“· @StandardTap, 🌐 standardtap.com

πŸ”₯ outdoors

From an extensive menu packed with modern Lebanese flavors to a specialty market filled to the brim with imported pantry items, kitchen utensils and cookbooks, there is no shortage of attractions at this beloved Fishtown outpost. But in their garden you will find another in the form of their blazing central fire pit (plus heat lamps for extra heat).

1528 Frankford Ave., 215-302-1900, @SurayaPhilly, surayaphilly.com

πŸ”₯ indoors

Head to Society Hill for Twisted Tails Southern-inspired classics like fried chicken and shrimp and groats, 120-plus deep whiskey menus and regularly scheduled live music. But if a fire is what you’re looking for – and you are – go upstairs to the lounge on the second floor to enjoy the warmth of their two fireplaces, then drink by hand.

πŸ“ 509 S. Second St., πŸ“ž 215-558-2471, πŸ“· @TwistedTailPHL, 🌐 thetwistedtail.com

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πŸ”₯ indoors

For 10 years, this vegetable-focused place has long been considered one of the best vegan restaurants in the country. But before it was a destination for both vegans and carnivores, it was home to Deux Cheminees (translation: two fireplaces) – and is housed in the historic Tiger Building, which (appropriately enough for this list) was designed by architect Frank Furness. So for food lovers looking for a campfire, this one is not to be missed.

πŸ“ 1221 Locust St., πŸ“ž 215-320-7500, πŸ“· @VedgePhiladelphia, 🌐 vedgerestaurant.com

πŸ”₯ indoors

This former whiskey blend house in Fishtown is a great place for a winter warm-up thanks to its large, cast concrete fireplace in the dining room – which is conveniently located under a skylight for an even more picturesque experience. Put your fireplace room together with items from their wood-fired, Italian-focused menu like their various Neapolitan pizzas (Spicy Jawn is a favorite) for the most delicious meals.

πŸ“ 1355 N. Front St., πŸ“ž 215-291-1355, πŸ“· @WmMulherinsSons, 🌐 wmmulherinssons.com

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