What to plant in January

What to plant in January

When it comes to deciding what to plant in January, it’s all in the planning, as it’s such a quiet time of year for the garden. Plan now for the coming months and you will have a head start on the growing season.

January can be an unpredictable month for gardeners. Sometimes it can be hot enough to directly sow in the ground, but it can also be a game weather-wise. There are quite a few plants you can get started on now, either in the greenhouse or indoors to get ready for spring and summer, including vegetables and summer flowers.

Start now and move on, so when winter is over, your garden will burst into life, making it your best year to grow yet. And be sure to include some of the following garden ideas when planning a kitchen garden or dreaming of a great flower show next year.

what to plant in January trays and pots with seeds and plants

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What to plant in January – vegetable crops to sow now

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