What is Dutch Bros and why do we need one in Lansing, Michigan?

What is Dutch Bros and why do we need one in Lansing, Michigan?

I recently had the pleasure of traveling outside the state. I hopped on a plane and left for Arizona last December.

I had never been to Arizona before, so boy did I have a lot to take in and enjoy. Luckily, I had a tour guide (actually my close boyfriend) who has been to Arizona many times before, so I had a jam-packed to-do list.

Of course, a stop at the Grand Canyon was in order. We also got a hike at the foot of the Superstition Mountains. But one thing I hadn’t planned was to enjoy a chain coffee bar so much that I feel a need to write about it here in the hopes that it will one day open somewhere here in Michigan.

Dutch Bros Coffee

Allow me to introduce you to Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros. started in 1992 as a small stretcher coffee business operating in Oregon. Following the opening of its first franchise in 2000, the small coffee shop grew significantly throughout the Northwest. Dutch Bros. now serves coffee and more in 11 states. I’m hoping to get in Michigan as number 12.

If you’ve never had them before, Dutch Bros is a walk-up / drive-thru coffee shop that serves much more than coffee. Of course, they have all the hot and cold coffee choices that your caffeine lover I could wish for, but they also serve tea, shakes, frosting, lemonades, smoothies, sodas and cocoa, making it the perfect all-in-one beverage store . They also hand out cool, collectible stickers. And who does not love a cool sticker?

If this makes you drool over a cup of Dutch Bros coffee, I’m sorry to say there is not one in Michigan (yet). Right now is the closest in Kansas City, KS. There appear to be a few in the Nashville, TN area, but they are not open yet. So no matter what, you’ll have to drive a bit to get a cuppa joe. Take a look through the gallery below to see what your taste buds are up to. While we’re working to bring Dutch Bros to Lansing, we should also work on bringing these 15 other fantastic chain restaurants to the area.

Dutch Bros. is a delicious place for coffee and Lansing, Michigan definitely needs one

During a visit to Arizona, I discovered a delicious treasure trove of coffee, tea, smoothies, shakes, slushies and more … all available in one place: Dutch Bros. After looking through these pictures, you might understand why we absolutely need this chain to get to Lansing, Michigan.

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