What happens at the local breweries in January

What happens at the local breweries in January

Something that I thought would be pretty cool and useful to do was contact all the local breweries around town and see if they had news, beers being tapped, or events taking place they wanted to share . Most of them came back to me and this should be helpful for those of you who are looking for things to do in the city.

I call it “What’s On Tap”. It is one of the new segments for 2022. It will be a way to spread cheers and beer along with the local events at your favorite breweries.

Central standard brewing

156 S. Greenwood
Website – Facebook – Instagram


  • CSB De Luxe – Pilsner in Czech style – 4.8%
    When it comes to lagers, it’s about the water. Our internal water filtration system enables us to recreate the incredibly soft water in Pilsen, the birthplace of Pilsner. Utilizing that water, we brew a simple beer exclusively with floor-malted Continental Pilsner malt and the freshest European-grown Saaz hops we can get our hands on, then cold fermentation and lagers for over 12 weeks and natural carbonation in the fermentation vessel. Poured from a traditional side tap directly from the Czech Republic into pint cans, resulting in the cleanest and crispiest drinking experience on this side of Bohemia.

Hopping Gnome Brewing Company

1710 E. Douglas
Website – Facebook – Instagram


  • Citra DIPA Tapping – Jan. 4 o’clock 15.00
  • Doo-Dah Dubble Tapping – January 18 at. 15 – Belgian Double brewed with Pilsner, 3 specially malted and Belgian candy sugar. Jumped with East Kent Goldings and fermented with Belgian monastery yeast 7%, 21 IBUs
  • Open Wheat Tapping – January 25 at. 15.00 – Hop-forward wheat brewed with half 2 row and half wheat, and the hop with Comet hops from the Kansas Hop Company. 5% ABV, 29 IBUs


  • Weekly offers:
    $ 5 Flagship Wednesdays – New weekly pint special, includes all standard beers
    Three-Pack Thursdays – Weekly to-go special, 3 crowlers for $ 30 every Thursday!
  • January 7: First Friday art show with local artist Jennifer Matthews, at 18-22
  • January 11: Beer & Tacos with Gaga’s Grub, at 18-20
    Every 2nd Tuesday of the month is Taco Tuesday at The Gnome!
  • January 15: Everything & the Bagel Pop-Up, at 12.30-14.30. Fresh bagels and bread made with gnome beer!
    Live music with Matt Ebberwein: 20.00-22.00, no cover

Norton’s Brewing Company

125 N. Sankt Frans
Website – Facebook – Instagram


  • “A Good Amber” – We are constantly asked if we have one on tap, so this is your standard American Amber Ale. Clean, malted and a light presence of American hops.
  • “Moningstar Melodies” a traditional Belgian Golden Strong Ale. Complex fruity esters from the yeast strain, directly from a monastery in Belgium.
  • “Summon” a massive American Imperial Stout
  • And lots of others are coming down the pipes!


  • January 10: Monday Night Art Fight Winter Slam Event: Past winners of our monthly art contest start to crown a champion of the year! 3 rounds of speed painting, with lots of challenges thrown at them during the rounds. This time the theme is CHAOS and we get a house band that adds to the chaos: local metal giants “Suffocate The Skies”. The winner of this event will be our last Friday artist for January.


  • We will roll out more new menu items this month for your clearing pleasures, stay tuned!


711 E. Douglas
Website – Facebook – Instagram


  • The new fun beers we have are a Warbeard variation called Chai of the Tiger. It’s Chai tea mixed with Warbeard and it is DELICIOUS.
  • For Peach Sake is the name of our new Peach Sour. It’s not the wine’s fault, it’s literally a name (for Pete Sake)
  • MoreBeard is our second fun we’ve just released. It’s a very limited release and it’s an Imperial Warbeard. Instead of 5.5% abv it is 10.1% and it is also in tall boys.

River City Brewing Co.

150 N. Mosley St.
Website – Facebook – Instagram


  • Rock Island Red
    6% | 16 oz pint – Amber ale, caramel, light hops
  • Emerald City Stout
    5.7% | 16 oz Nonic – Dark, espresso, dark chocolate, creamy nitro
  • Old Town Brown
    5.5% | 16 oz pint – mahogany, caramel, roasted nuts, hints of coffee
  • Tornado Alley IPA
    7% | 16 oz Nonic – Copper colored, resinous, moist
  • Harvesting wheat
    5% | 16 oz Wheat – Light American wheat beer
  • We will be bottling more new beers later this month.


  • We are also working on some new menu items for a new spring menu. Stick around.

Third Place Brewing

630 E. Douglas | Website – Facebook – Instagram


  • Every Thursday: Every beer house needs a fiddler in the corner. Shawn Craver “The Fiddler” will play solo, acoustic, traditional fiddle music for Third Place Brewing’s Happy Hour every Thursday. Come and enjoy the sound of the music that has accompanied many and a half liters over the last centuries, and help carry on the tradition! No service. Dance optional.

Wichita Brewing Co.

8815 W 13th St. & 535 N Woodlawn St. | Website – Facebook – Instagram


  • January 29: The beer party. What is “The Beer Party” ?. We pick up our friends from some of the best breweries from all over the Midwest to help us raise money for mental health clinics in the Wichita area. About 26% of Americans suffer from a mental illness. We will donate proceeds from The Beer Fest to local mental health clinics to help with payments to those who cannot afford them. Each brewery brings unique beers to the event that have barely reached the Wichita area, so this is an event you will not want to miss. Our local breweries will also be present and cook fresh brews for the Beer Party. This unique and unique festival will feature breweries from Denver, St. Louis. Louis, Dallas and Iowa. Go here for more information.


  • Pizza of the Month – Jumbo’s Beef and Brew’s “Firebird” Pizza. The first pizza of the month for 2022 is from Jumbo’s Beef & Brew! It’s a bid on their Firebird Chicken sandwich. We start with a Korean BBQ sauce base, add Korean marinated chicken, red onion and fresh jalapeno and topped with mozzarella cheese. To finish it off, we add a homemade apple coriander slave, chive garnish and a splash of Jumbo’s own “crack sauce”.

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