What can I plant in my garden in January?  Full list of crops and flowers to be sown right now

What can I plant in my garden in January? Full list of crops and flowers to be sown right now

January is a quiet month for the garden, where the frost dusts the land most mornings. Despite the cold weather, there are still plenty of crops and flowers that can be sown prior to spring. Preparing for the warmer seasons is key focus in gardening this month, and Greenhouses Direct has shared their best choices for both edible and flowering plants.

What to plant in the garden in January

The beginning of a new year offers a clean board for the garden.

Since winter greens can still be sown, there are a whole host of solid vegetables that can be planted in raised beds and pots.

It is advisable to keep newly sown plants in a greenhouse until the warmer weather comes in early March.

To get a fertile garden in time for spring, turn your attention to basic vegetables like onions, vegetables and starchy potatoes.

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What to do now for a spring harvest

There are three main crops that can be sown now for a spring harvest.

Sow leafy green lettuce all month to establish a fertile crop in March.

Lettuce can also be established in a greenhouse ready for your spring salads.

Get carrot seeds planted as soon as possible for a stable harvest from early spring.

Sowing onions from seeds

Onion seeds can be sown directly outside later in the month, although above average temperatures mean this can be done now.

The Royal Horticultural Society recommends sowing seeds in the ground when it starts to dry out – have them dug in after a dry period for best results.

  • Then sow seeds half an inch deep in rows spread eight inches apart
  • Thin seedlings out by two inches apart and later to four

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Flowers to plant in January

There are plenty of flowers that can be planted out this month to fill your garden with colors and textures later in the year.

Snapdragons are vibrant, old-fashioned cottage garden plants that can be sown now.

Get the seeds started in your greenhouse and transplant them into your garden beds in early spring.

Snapdragons are loved by bees and will grow to a variety of heights with a variety of bright colors on offer.

These classic plants will bloom from June to October when they are planted out.

Other flowers that can be planted now include:

  • Begonier
  • Geraniums
  • Dianthus
  • Lobelias
  • Sweet peas

Good advice for conservatory work

Winter gardening can be a slow process, but getting small tasks right is key.

In a speech to Express.co.uk, the team at Greenhouses Direct shared their best tips for careful gardening during the winter months.

Greenhouses Direct said: “Patience is the key – there will be a number of things you can sow in the fall and winter, but the vast majority will be slow-growing seedlings for planting in the spring.

Plants that are started early in a greenhouse will be grateful for extra protection and will provide much stronger, happier plants when the time comes for planting. ”

Getting ahead of the game was another important tip from Greenhouses Direct, which added some hardy vegetable varieties that can also be sown in the fall for an early spring harvest.

Be careful when choosing suitable varieties for the winter weather, and work to prevent frost from destroying plants in your greenhouse and garden.

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