Traditional Hungarian events await visitors during the carnival season

Traditional Hungarian events await visitors during the carnival season

Due to the emergence of coronavirus and its waves of infection last year, even the iconic Busójárás was canceled. Now, in 2022, there is an opportunity to do away with the festivals that may have been postponed or canceled during last year’s carnival season in Hungary.

Carnival season

In Hungary, Carnival season, or as we call it, “farsangi időszak”, is a traditional Christian-Hungarian holiday that is about ball, parties, merriment and masked or disguised parties.

It starts on January 6thth, also known as Holy Trinity, and ends the day before Ash Wednesday. Traditionally, Ash Wednesday is the start of the 40-day Lent, which is called Lent prior to Easter Sunday, says Remarkable days.

Although the start of the carnival season is always on Epiphany, the end of the festivities is a moving holiday. In 2022, the carnival season ends on March 2ndnd.

Bustur DNH Resize
Photo: Daily News Hungary

Bust is one of the most iconic holidays in Hungary related to this season of merriment. It is a six-day carnival that marks and celebrates the end of winter. It attracts large crowds to Mohács and the surrounding area.

Busojárás has been part of UNESCO’s representative list of humankind’s intangible cultural heritage since 2009 and has been a Hungarian since 2012.

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Festivals to keep an eye on

As the carnival period is about merriment and festivities, there are a lot of traditional Hungarian gastronomic festivals to choose from, such as pig slaughters and butcher competitions, as well as sausage making festivals and Pálinka festivals. With the help of Origo, we have gathered some ideas for you:

Butcher competitions

February 5thth

Gyomaendrőd Pork and Böllér Brandy Competition 2022

This event showcases the traditions of disznótoro with an abundance of gastronomic experiences from pig slaughters to tastings and Pálinka competitions as well as raffles and markets.

The visit is free until 14.00. A ticket that also serves as a raffle costs around € 3 (1,000 forints).

sausage bacon Hungarian quite traditional food
Photo: Alpár Kató – Daily News Hungary ©

Kistarcsa Sticker Festival

The aim of this festival was to revive the Hungarian tradition of pig slaughter. Food and beverage stalls are available throughout the day, as are traditional pork dishes and sausages, and the event is accompanied by music and dancing.

Visits are free.


February 12thth

Gyáli Sticker Competition 2022

The main attraction is the pig slaughter competition followed by the preparation of disznótoros dishes from the animal parts.

Visits are free.

Sausage festivals

January 29thth

Sausage filling competition and festival Mosonmagyaróvár

This is the perfect opportunity to taste both traditional Hungarian and special, crazy sausages in Mosonmagyaróvár.

Visits are free.

Sausages at a butcher
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February 11-13th

Sausage filling festival

The aim of this event is to showcase the production of traditional Hungarian sausages and to introduce visitors to country life in Hungary.

Drink festivals

26.-30. Januaryth

Mulled wine and Pálinka festival 2022 Budapest

What awaits you: barbecue, cheese, handicrafts and a really cheerful atmosphere.

February 19thth

Marcali Kedel Festival

An event with music and party with a lot of delicious mulled wine is guaranteed.

balaton sound festival
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Mangalica festival

February 25-27th


In Debrecen, the festival for this strange Hungarian pig species with delicious meat is being arranged for the 13th time this year. You can see and maybe even pet this hairy type of pig, as well as taste delicious traditional dishes made from them.

Visits are free.

Mangalica Festival Budapest

March 18-20th


Although it is late in the carnival season, this Mangalica festival will be organized in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, and as it is a free event, you may not want to miss it.

Special food festivals

February 12-13th

Chocolate and candy festival

For lovers of cakes, chocolates and sweets. This two-day event gives you opportunities to try yourself in cake and chocolate eating competitions. There are also many children’s programs as well as music and raffles.

Tickets cost € 4.5 (1,500 forint).

February 13thth

Vegan Sunday Market

Vegan Sunday Market
Vegan Sunday market in the summer

If you like Hungary but you want to try something other than traditional food and meat-heavy dishes, this is the perfect place for you. You will definitely find vegan cheese, cookies, sandwiches and many handmade products.

The event is dog and child friendly.

Cultural festivals

You can find many events to choose from HERE, but we must highlight one.

Csango Festival

February 12thth

Csango bold

“The program aims to present the extraordinarily archaic and incomparably rich folk traditions and culture of Moldova and Gyimes Csángós to the Hungarian and international public. With our festival we want to create an opportunity for Csángós to bring and present, for those interested, the culture they cultivate, their national costumes, customs, music, dances in connection with a stage performance, ”they wrote about themselves.

MOM Kulturcenter

Hungarian circus artists
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Source:,, Daily News Hungary

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