Top 5: Campus Holiday Drinks

Top 5: Campus Holiday Drinks

Everyone gets your ugly, festive sweaters on: the holiday is just around the corner. Nothing is better than a nice hot drink on a cold winter day, but some drinks are simply superior to others. with peppermint flavor? Total game changer. That’s why I’ve gone to the big coffee shops available to students and made a list of the best festive drinks.

1. Starbucks Sugar Cookie Oat Latte

The Sugar Cookie Oat Latte is the latest addition to Starbucks’ holiday arsenal, and easily one of my favorite drinks they’ve ever made. It is a subtle blend of both sweet and spicy, where the sponge syrup perfectly complements the salty coffee. Even better, the drink comes with perfect little green and red sprinkles that add to the festive feel. Recently, when Starbucks creates a new collection, they are adding a vegan drink to their menu; this year’s holiday menu is no exception. In my humble opinion, the sugar oat latte is better than any other drink offered, so count it as a win for the milk-free. As with their other lattes, Starbucks also offers this ice cream! So if you’re the one who drinks cold all year round, Starbucks has you covered.

2. McDonald’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Even with the latest holiday drinks, you just can not beat a classic. Peppermint hot chocolate is an integral part of almost every cafe, with good reason. Candy canes are one of the best parts of winter. One would think that every single coffee shop that sells them would get tiring with peppermint chocolate, but that’s just not true! So what makes McDonald’s hot chocolate different from their competitors? Primarily its price. For the same size as Starbucks, McDonalds offers theirs for a quarter of the price, making it a more viable option for students. However, the nearest McDonald’s to campus is at 109 St., so be prepared to take a bit of a hike to get your hot peppermint cocoa. Moreover, McDonald’s still does not offer milk alternatives, so this drink is not an option for the dairy-free.

3. Transcend’s Spiced Maple Latte

One of the battles of Canadian winters is how strangely timed they are; one year snow falls in the first week of October, while the next is not seen until mid-November. This year, our snowfall only fell well into November, and even then it has still been relatively warm outside. So how do you tackle holiday drinks when it still feels like autumn? Transcend has you covered if your inner clock screams Christmas while your outer ones still celebrate Halloween. While not necessarily a traditional holiday drink, the spicy maple latte is the perfect answer to a chilly day. Added anise syrup, this latte will warm you up and keep you cozy even in the low 20s. Unlike the other options on this list, Transcend is a local coffee shop! Nothing says vacations like supporting locals! The nearest Transcend is just east of the North Campus at 109 St ..

4. Second cup of eggnog Latte

If there was a Christmas version of candy corn, it would be eggnog. Some find it disgusting, while others wait in excitement for the first signs of it in any grocery store. Wherever you stand, the eggnog latte is a classic. Second Cup has an eerie ability to make traditionally sweeter drinks more tasty for those of us who like things on the salty side. Although the prices here are pretty similar to Starbucks, I always feel like I’m really getting my money’s money. Although the Second Cup is not as close as Tim Hortons’s, it’s only a short walk down 112 St .. When you go to get your eggnog latte, you can head in and enjoy the classic Edmonton winter weather!

5. Tim Hortons Candy Cane White hot chocolate

Is it at all a Canadian top five coffee drink list if Tim Hortons does not reach it? Timmies is known for its cheap and yet delicious coffee, which is what makes it so perfect for students. The only thing students really demand is good drinks that do not blow money, and boy, does Tims deliver. Now you might be wondering why hot chocolate is included twice on this list, let alone two peppermint flavored drinks. First of all, white hot chocolate is a completely different ball game than regular old chocolate. It adds different levels of sweetness and flavor, which are often lost on chocolate, and it brings out the candy cane. And Tim Hortons is almost in the middle of campus in CAB on the first floor. But as any student at the University of Alberta knows, Tim Hortons’ queues tend to have a commitment period of at least 20 minutes, so be prepared to wait if this is the holiday drink of your dreams.

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