Thousands of families have just five weeks to apply for £ 115 cash assistance before mid-February

Thousands of families have just five weeks to apply for £ 115 cash assistance before mid-February

CASH-tied households can get £ 115 FREE to help cover significant costs for the rest of this winter.

A £ 500 million pool has been split up into councils across the UK as part of the Household Support Fund.

Families struggling to keep up with bills can get free money to support them this winter


Families struggling to keep up with bills can get free money to support them this winterCredit: Getty

The cash will benefit thousands who have felt a pinch of Christmas costs and need help in the new year.

Christmas is usually an expensive time of year, but alongside the rising cost of living crisis, the British have been hit particularly hard this winter.

Those who need financial support can get a top-up from their city council to fight against significant bills.

Eligibility varies from council to council, as does funding, so you will need to check out what your local council has to offer.

You can find your municipality using the municipal council’s control tool on the government’s website.

For most councils, the grant runs until March 31st.

Other councils may have previous deadlines, such as Hertfordshire, whose deadline is 28 February.

And many councils have made it clear that once funding is exhausted, no more aid can be provided, which means that support can still run out before the end of March.

So it is important to apply for support as early as possible to avoid missing out on anything.

It is even more important for households with children to apply before 11 February if you want to receive support prior to the half-February period, as applications may take 10 days to process.

Doncaster Council has received £ 2.9 million to support local residents as part of the scheme, which started in October 2021.

With its budget, the Doncaster Council distributes both £ 15 and £ 100 fuel vouchers to eligible families in the area.

But not everyone can apply for the cash you need to meet requirements.

Who is eligible?

To claim the £ 100 fuel voucher, you can be a household with or without children.

If you are a household with children who are entitled to free school meals, and you are liable for rent and / or municipal tax, you can apply for the voucher.

And if you are a household without children but receive a municipal tax deduction, housing benefit or universal credit that includes housing costs in the calculation, you can still snatch the cash benefit.

To access the food stamps, you must be a household with children.

You can apply for one voucher per. child eligible for free school meals, which will be granted prior to the semester in February.

You should contact the child’s school for this support, not the local authority.

Children who do not receive free school meals where the parent or guardian receives any of the following will still be able to receive a voucher of 15 GBP:

  • Council tax cuts;
  • Housing benefit OR;
  • Universal Credit, which includes housing costs in the calculation.

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