Thousands could get £ 49 FREE cash for important bills NOW

Thousands could get £ 49 FREE cash for important bills NOW

Thousands of families struggling to afford what they need as food or gas may need financial help all winter long.

The household support scheme, with a pool of £ 500 million to be distributed, aims to help vulnerable families facing hard times in the cold months.

Thousands still have time to claim free cash for winter necessities if they struggle with bills


Thousands still have time to claim free cash for winter necessities if they struggle with billsCredit: Getty

With three months left, there is still time to grab free money to help you avoid an emergency.

Or for those who are already in crisis, this government scheme can help you, but it is important to apply soon.

Since the scheme is halfway through, there may not be many funds to go around, especially if your area got a lower budget to begin with.

Each council in England has been given a different amount to support their local residents and it is up to them to decide how they distribute it.

For example, Darlington received just under £ 1million, while Birmingham received almost £ 13million. The financing is based on the needs of the individual area.

To check which authority your area belongs to, you can use the government’s practical municipal control tool.

Once you have found your city council, it is worth contacting them directly to find out what help is being offered as some provide help from case to case.

Many municipalities provide fuel vouchers to help with hefty energy costs, and families with children could get extra school lunch vouchers on top of this.

Halton Borough Council offers just that.

If you are a Halton Resident and need support, you can get a £ 49 voucher for energy costs.

And those with children could also deposit £ 20 vouchers to cover free school meals during the February and Easter semester on top of the energy vouchers.

However, please note that these coupons can only go to children who are eligible for free school meals during the semester.

Halton’s support for household support is £ 1.3 million, and 50% of this is to be spent on vulnerable households with children.

The rest of the funds are for vulnerable people without children.

In addition, additional funds have been allocated to the Council’s Discretionary Support Scheme, which provides local welfare support in the form of packed lunches and Paypoint vouchers for energy expenditure.

Aid like this has become a necessity for households hard hit by rising energy ceilings and general inflation.

As a result, the British are facing a cost-of-living crisis, which means they are forced to make challenging decisions as to whether to prioritize heating or dining.

For those who are not eligible for Household Support Scheme funding, you may still be able to get a £ 140 discount from 10 energy providers – here’s how.

Elsewhere, certain households in colder areas could get extra support with energy bills under the government’s plans to tackle sky-high heating costs.

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