This Laramie Restaurant has the ‘Best Mac & Cheese in Wyoming’

This Laramie Restaurant has the ‘Best Mac & Cheese in Wyoming’

There is something about mac & cheese that everyone loves. It’s pretty much impossible not to love mac & cheese. You can eat it anywhere anytime and you can be of any age and devour the dish because it is one of the most satisfying things ever. Wouldn’t it be nice to know where you can go in Wyoming for the absolute best mac & cheese in the entire state?

Of course it would! And even better, wouldn’t it be great if that particular restaurant were to be within reasonable driving distance of everyone in Southeast Wyoming? I know, it sounds a lot like “But wait, there’s more!” Almost too good to be true, but seriously, the place with what’s being called ‘Best Mac & Cheese in Wyoming’ is in Laramie.

The popular food release ‘Eat This, Not That’ decided to find the best mac & cheese in every state. Of course, they wanted reviews on this from real people, so they turned to ‘Yelp!’ So yes, this is the best mac & cheese in Wyoming, according to Yelp! But where do you find a more brutally honest review of the food?

So the place with ‘Best Mac & Cheese in Wyoming’ goes to Sweet Melissa. Let’s see what a particular Yelp reviewer who goes by the name Sonia had to say about this particular restaurant’s mac & cheese:

Sweet Melissa’s delivers the best macaroni in Wyoming and offers a vegan mac and cheese that is so good that it tops any traditional recipe throughout the state. With several varieties ranging from the proven standard to a spicy mac and cheese with three peppers that finds the perfect balance of warmth and creaminess, you need to spend more than one trip here before getting fed up with their macaroni creations.

Congratulations to Sweet Melissa Cafe and Front Street Tavern for having some great mac & cheese! It’s like the best of the best, considering that mac & cheese really is the best. And check out their full menu here.

If you think there happens to be someone better in Wyoming, you might want to write a Yelp review about it, and if there is enough who agrees with you, it might be called ‘Best Mac & Cheese in Wyoming next year. But so far, you can enjoy some at Sweet Melissa Cafe and Front Street and Tavern in Laramie at 213 S. 1st Street.

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