The Recorder – As a tribute to history, Cameron’s Winery launches the Northfield Midwinter Dinner series

The Recorder – As a tribute to history, Cameron’s Winery launches the Northfield Midwinter Dinner series

NORTHFIELD – As Paul and Leslie Cameron moved their winery from a storefront on Main Street to the barn next to their 1824 home on Millers Falls Road, they gained access to a deep history of hosting gatherings and encouraging socializing. .

With this story in mind, Camerons offers a Midwinter Dinner series between January and April, where a social hour at. 21:00 will follow a meal at. 19.00 with wine. Meals are the second Friday of each month starting January 14th.

“You can stay and talk, and of course the bar will be open,” Leslie Cameron said of the “gathering guests” segment. “You might meet people for the very first time. Many years ago, they met together, and they may not have known who was going to show up for dinner. … What a great way to meet new friends.”

The inspiration for the dinners and the ensuing social hours comes from diving into the history of the house and the history of the city, Cameron said.

“Northfield’s history is very good reading,” she said. “I researched what people were like when they lived in our home.”

Some information came from Mary Ann (Repetan) Alagimonier, a resident of Maryland who grew up in Cameron’s home in the 1930s. Alagimonies recalled how children cycled around the circle in the summer, and adults met for meals in the winter.

“It seemed like they always took care of people’s stomachs first and got people warm,” Cameron said. “When you think about the history of the place, 100 or 200 years ago, people wanted what’s called a midwinter dinner.”

Upon arrival by horse and carriage, guests would gather around the table, warm up by coal stoves and enjoy spirits and conversation about their families, politics, their neighbors and more after the meal was over.

“The whole point was to be a good storyteller,” Cameron said.

Although Cameron’s Winery ran a kitchen by its storefront on Main Street, the new location at 1046 Millers Falls Road has seen the company focus more on its “gourmet market” of cheese platters, including lactose-free cheese and gluten-free biscuits and other small offerings. Without a food license, Camerons sought out a catering company to collaborate on the Midwinter Dinner series and joined Kathleen Tomaus Catering from Greenfield.

“She loves cooking for people,” Cameron said of Tomaus. “She loves making people feel welcome. She takes what you do and she adapts it.”

Tomaus, who has run her own catering business for 18 years with the help of family members, said Midwinter Dinners will help Cameron’s Winery grow its business and help her grow Kathleen Tomaus Catering.

“We want to try different things to see what people like and to get a feel for it,” Tomaus said of the meals, noting that there are at least three menu options for each dinner. “We hope to be able to do something special for Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s Day, Easter.”

The dinner on January 14 features a selection of roast pork, chicken marsala or vegetarian eggplant parmesan. Dessert, salad and coffee are included, as well as two wine or cider pairings.

Cameron said that tables – placed on two floors of the barn – will be placed far apart to allow for social distance and will be lit by old-fashioned lanterns. Forty guests are welcome to each dinner, and more than half of the tickets have already been sold out for the January dinner.

Each ticket costs $ 55. Some mulled wine, including apple pie and elderberries, will be available. Cameron explained that mulled wine is spiced and then heated, taking care not to boil the alcohol out.

To reserve your tickets, contact Cameron’s Winery at 413-225-3420. For more information, visit

Call Shelby Ashline at 413-772-0261, locally. 270 or


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