The purple door ‘throws’ around in winter fun

The purple door ‘throws’ around in winter fun

BIG RAPIDS – If you’re looking for some hot indoor activities in the colder weather, The Purple Door in Big Rapids is a hot spot for winter fun with axes.

Located at 13454 Northland Drive, The Purple Door includes family fun for kids ages 10 and up, and currently features eight ax-throwing lanes, two live dartboard lanes and four digital lanes.

Erin Pressley, a manager at The Purple Door, said the company focuses on indoor fun.

“We opened back in August 2021 and we are building on family entertainment,” Pressley said. “We also love when college students come in to get different tastes from the bar scene. We really focus on doing a safe and clean form of physical activity for everyone. The Purple Door also has free shuffleboard and darts for the public, which is super cool , if you are early for an appointment and want something to do. ”

The Purple Door works with Crusted Creations 231 and Chill Out Ice Cream to provide visitors with food and drink. Menu items can be ordered from both establishments when they are inside the purple door, and orders will be brought to specified lanes.

Offers offered include private events on Mondays and Tuesdays for groups such as bachelor parties, office groups and birthday parties. The Purple Door also offers free popcorn, a jukebox and free darts games on a regular basis.

Pressley said the company has experienced a solid flow of visitors and some unique ax-throwing parties since opening.

“We have group opportunities and we’ve seen divorce parties or anniversary parties,” Pressley said. “Everything you could possibly think of, we accept; we even have offers like ‘ax your ex’ evenings which are fun. Weekends are usually a hit and we are usually booked up so be encouraged to sign up online or call us for a reservation early. We have been impressed with the number of people who have come in, and we also have some regulars who come in, so it has been quite exciting for us. ”

Safety maintenance policies include ensuring that pitchers are of legal age and that all minors are accompanied by a parent. Each ax throw lane is about 12 feet long and includes siding that protects the lanes from each other and rubber padding under each target to ensure additional safety.

Requirements for throwing include wearing tight-toed shoes and learning the proper throwing technique.

Additions to the area of ​​ax-throwing include murals glowing in the dark, painted by local artist Kasey Pressley.

Pressley said ax throwing can be an enjoyable experience for both young and old.

“Ax throwing is a great winter activity because it’s heated in The Purple Door and you want to stay warm,” Pressley said. “It’s also something different compared to some of the other things like bowling and the runway in the city. We do not have many activities to do, especially in the winter. When you get in, you get a good workout and lots of interaction with other people, and it’s a great way to relieve stress.

“We will see a lot of college kids come in during the exam week when they are having a hard time, as well as families who want to get out of the house,” she added. “It’s just a great way to spend time together. We’ve noticed a good mix of people coming in and some people who’s been on the leaderboard will come in and see it and will beat their previous record. I think we’ve had a good competition with it. “

Top scorers at The Purple Door can even earn special prizes where the top three results win a free pizza from Crusted Creations 231. The results are counted at the end of each month and the winners are selected and notified.

Pressley said there has been positive feedback since opening.

“We’ve gotten good reviews on Facebook since opening, which has been great,” Pressley said. ‘We get a mix of younger kids and 10 is the youngest we allow to throw so we have little kids coming in who can hold it and have so much fun. My mom actually came in recently for the first time and she is disabled and has a bad back but came in the other day and hit as a 57 year old in her first attempt.

“It’s always fun to see people get excited about it when it’s something they never thought they would do something like ax throwing,” she added. “We hope to start a league soon and a lot of research is needed to make sure everything is perfect. Another goal is to maintain a safe environment for our customers and add more events like our New Year’s party we had. We hope we can have more special events that the community can come in and celebrate with us. “

For more information on The Purple Door, visit their Facebook page or call 231-598-9099 to schedule a lane time.

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