The entire menu at the soup farm in Montana is made from scratch daily

The entire menu at the soup farm in Montana is made from scratch daily

Soup is perhaps just the ultimate winter food. From solid, decadent portions of thick juicy to the smooth, warm-your-legs taste from a freshly scooped broth bowl … soup is life. It is also quite an art form in the hands of creative, visionary chefs with an eye for local ingredients. These lively, freshly picked flavors take soup from its sweater weather roots to a year-round base that we personally can not get enough of!

Thankfully, Montana is not only home to some incredible farm-to-table restaurants – we also have some amazingly skewed (see what we made there?) Soup restaurants! And when you combine refreshing ingredients from Montana with owners who embrace Montana’s home, made from scratch, you get Soup Farm. This colorful restaurant is still fairly new to Missoula’s dining scene, but we’re totally hooked. Or threw himself, so to speak.

In these uncertain times, keep in mind the security and consider adding destinations to your bucket list that you can visit at a later time.

Fresh, local and unique, Soup Farm is a cozy Missoula gem that cannot be missed! Keep an eye on Soup Farm’s Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up to date on the latest exciting flavors.

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Address: SoupFarm, 901 N Orange St, Missoula, MT 59802, USA

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