The best vegan hot chocolate drinks in the UK

The best vegan hot chocolate drinks in the UK

Best vegan hot chocolate products

1. Whittards

Whittard's peanut butter hot chocolate

Whittards has a great selection of vegan hot chocolate options including tempting flavors like Chocolate Orange, Turkish Delight, Rocky Road and even Peanut Butter.

This is in addition to their standard Luxury Hot Chocolate powder, which is delicious in itself.

2. Galaxy

Galaxy Vegan hot chocolate

Next to its range of vegan chocolate bars, Galaxy has launched a creamy vegan instant hot chocolate that you just add water to make.

Unlike most hot chocolate powders that require you to make them with milk, this one is even more convenient as it does not matter if you have no plant milk in, all you need is a kettle!

What’s more, it’s good news for those who want to cut back on calories but still want to get their chocolate fix.

3. Cadbury drinks chocolate

vegan hot chocolate

Cadbury’s drinking chocolate is not a specific vegan product, but is actually accidentally free of milk. It contains zero milk powder, which is an annoying hidden ingredient in many hot chocolate blends.

Instead, it is designed to be stirred into hot milk (in our case vegan milk) so that it is made exclusively from cocoa and sugar.

It is also widely available in major UK supermarkets, making it a great accessory option for vegans and dairy dodgers.

4. Lightly hot chocolate

Lightly hot chocolate

Swiss chocolate manufacturer Lindt recently debuted with its first hot chocolate drink, and it is suitable for vegans.

Intended as a “velvety soft and luxuriously creamy hot chocolate drink”, the chocolate drink is made with Lindt chocolate for a rich taste.

Guaranteed to satisfy your chocolate cravings, it can be stirred in both hot and cold milk for a luxurious drink.

You can find Lindt’s hot chocolate powder at Tesco, Amazon and Ocado.

6. Hotel Chocolat Nutmilk 45% Hot Chocolate

Hotel Chocolate Nut milk 45% hot chocolate

High-street chocolatiers Hotel Chocolat has become more vegan-friendly in recent years, and now has a full range of milk-free hot chocolates. Made from dark chocolate, they are truly indulgent and available in several cheeky flavors.

Choose between chocolate mint, hazelnut, salted caramel, chili and ginger, or choose the classic version with 70% dark or 45% nut milk.

7. Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

    Morrisons Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

For a healthier option, Sweet Freedom Choc Shot is only 13 calories per serving. teaspoon and made from natural fruit extracts (apple and carob) and cocoa.

In addition, it is available in a variety of sweet flavors, including chocolate mint, salted caramel, brownie, orange spice and coconut.

8. Buttermilk Hot Choccy Bomb

Buttermilk Hot Choccy Bomb

For a truly epic hot chocolate experience, look no further than Buttermilk’s Hot Choccy Bomb!

Simply drop the dairy-free hot chocolate ball into warm milk and enjoy an explosion of chocolate and vegan marshmallows.

It is the most delicious treat that both children and adults will love!

9. Options Vegan Belgian hot chocolate drink

vegan hot chocolate

If you are looking for a lighter cocoa drink that can be made without milk, try Options’ Vegan Belgian Hot Chocolate Drink.

Unlike many hot chocolate drinks, Options are designed to be used with hot water, but are still just as satisfying chocolate.

It is widely available in supermarkets and is ideal for those moments when you need a chocolate hit.

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