The best Ina Garten recipes for winter

The best Ina Garten recipes for winter

Warm up with Contessa’s best comfort food for cold weather

You may not have an extra barn behind your house, an extensive herb garden on the grounds or a palace-like kitchen, even professional restaurants would be jealous of, but that does not mean you can not entertain as if you are the star of a Barefoot Contessa holiday special. Pull out your favorite chambray button and grab your smartest bottle of vanilla: We’re cooking through Ina Garten’s best winter recipes this season.

As expected, opening a can of condensed soup is the last thing you want to see Garten do. A pinch of saffron gives a spicy warmth to her spin on this childhood classic, while grilled cheese “croutons” replace goldfish biscuits.

Every Christmas spread needs a great dessert, and this Goliath of a chocolate cake – with its layers of coffee meringue buttercream – does not disappoint.

Need help getting your greens in this winter? Just look at this ultimate accessory with spinach swirled for a creamy cheese sauce that is baked until it bubbles.

Seafood in this fragrant dish only takes a few minutes to cook, making it perfect for all your last-minute entertaining needs.

This sweet breakfast pot means less time to flip French toast in front of the stove and more time to sleep in.

Contrary to what your Italian grandmother may have taught you, you do not have to dedicate an entire Sunday to making a bowl of pasta that sticks to the ribs.

The only thing more important than drinks for a cocktail party? Having a bowl of these shiny candied nuts on hand.

Apple cider, honey and orange take the edge of this soothing drink and make it just a little bit also easy to sip by the fire – not that there is anything wrong with it.

More than a pound of grated cheddar and Gruyère is all you need to get through the impending cold fronts.

Of all the fried chicken recipes Garten has created over the years, it is this butterfly cast iron pot version that makes us return in seconds every time.

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