The assembly serves globally inspired food with a community-focused approach

The assembly serves globally inspired food with a community-focused approach

Chicken confection paired with one of the assembly house cocktails
Christine Rice / EAT Magazine

There are certain restaurants that every city needs: a great breakfast place; the typical burger joint; an exclusive dining option and the perfect option in between – the place that has great food, a great wine list and is relaxed enough for groups of friends, families and couples to all enjoy. The congregation is this place in Eagle.

Jaimie and Caleb Mackey opened The Assembly in August 2020 as a community-focused restaurant with the vision of bringing people together over fresh, seasonal, globally inspired food, wine and cocktails. With its clean and modern design, complete with an expansive bar and open kitchen, The Assembly has established itself as the place perfect for a happy hour gathering or a casual meal.

Sweet potato curry
Christine Rice / EAT Magazine

With chef Brandon Utley at the helm, The Assembly continues to add new favorites to the menu, exploring different styles and flavors, and tilting traditional on its head. Check out the local Colorado-striped bass with dirty rice cone (a Chinese rice porridge); okra and caramelized shallots complete the dish.

Chef Utleys cashew cheesecake
Christine Rice / EAT Magazine

“It’s been a lot of fun exploring different flavors with Chef Utley,” said Jaimie Mackey. “We are still very committed to the idea of ​​global inspiration that we have had since we opened, drawing inspiration and taste profiles from around the world and really getting creative.”

A twist on “meat and potatoes”, the braised short ribs bring North African flavors to the plate with ras el hanout spinach puree. This lively, earthy blend of spices brings an extra earthy flavor that blends beautifully with the crispy confit potatoes and ribs.

The assembly’s creative culinary offerings start with the salads.
Christine Rice / EAT Magazine

Boring old chicken? Not a chance. The confit chicken is paired with sweet and spicy apple chutney, delicate squash puree and crispy shallots and sage – it’s comfort food with a bright new twist. Pair it with the citrus-like and earthy 2020 L’Orange, a beautiful blend of Roussanne, Riesling, Chenin, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Viognier from Division Winemaking Co.

With a wine list focusing on smaller vineyards and upcoming opportunities, winter is a focal point.

“We’ve definitely brought in some more winter-friendly wines,” Mackey said. “Some reds, some amazing winter whites: Chenines that have seen a little bit of oak so they’ve got a little more fullness, a handful of other Chardonnays – some white wines with a little bit more presence in the palate.”

And for those who are a little unsure of what will please the palate, The Assembly offers wine tasting for up to 10 people. Perfect for a holiday party or a gift that everyone can enjoy, these classes revolve around different taste themes such as “Grape Expectations” (a selection of wines from around the world, all made with the same grape) or “A Little Skin”, which explores the amber , orange and pink shades between white and red wine. Custom classes are also available.

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