Take a walk down the paths of Amritsar to catch sumptuous winter delicacies: The Tribune India

Take a walk down the paths of Amritsar to catch sumptuous winter delicacies: The Tribune India

The food capital of Punjab, Amritsar, has a lot to offer in the form of healthy and sinfully tasty winter food delights. Tribune correspondent Neha Saini and sheriff Sunil Kumar take a walk down the city streets to catch sumptuous delicacies.

A city where food is celebrated and enjoyed to the core, Amritsar has a lot of offerings in the form of seasonal delicacies. If you are not the one who counts calories and is happy to add some layers to your body in the winter, the city has a list of comfort foods that will definitely tease your taste buds. From munchies to street food and desserts, some of these foods are made exclusively in the city in the winter.

To bhugga is a variety found in the fortified city.

Beginning with the most popular and exclusive winter product, Khajoor is a traditional Amritsari candy, specially prepared near the Lohri festival. The sweet is available at the local markets from the last week of December to Lohri, making it a novelty for the local residents and tourists. It is made from flour, which is fried in ghee. The product is then stored in a cool place for sale and can last for a week.

Dates (khajoor) are a staple of the winter season.

Another exclusively made winter sweet is for bhugga, the best found near the Durgiana temple. Some of the cute shops in town have only been making for bhugga since the last 75 years and supply it to the whole world.

Spicy sweet potato and water chestnuts.

Amritsari fish is another example of why the city enjoys the status of being a food paradise. The two popular varieties found here are Sol and Singhara.

Amritsari khajoor is not a date, but a deep-fried pastry.

While the healthy meals like sarson ka saag and makki ki roti can be enjoyed everywhere, the quick dishes and sweets presented here make winter food dishes more tempting.

Gur ka halwa, the ghee-soaked version of plain halwa.
Batte ka doodh is served with saffron and dried fruits.
Gajar ka halwa is served with a thick layer of khoya, kewra and nuts.
In a city where mercury drops below zero during the high winter, kada doodh helps keep the body warm.
Gajjak made from jaggery, peanuts, flowers and dried fruits is the most humble winter offering.
A winter essential, bhugga, is made from sesame seeds, milk solids, nuts and raisins.
Fish is a basic winter food that the city offers. You can enjoy from deep-fried fish to smoky tikkas.

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