Taco soup recipes on TikTok that make you say “good soup”

Taco soup recipes on TikTok that make you say “good soup”

Oh, winter – the time with cozy sweaters, extra blankets and lots of soup. What else sounds more appetizing on a cool day than a nice hot bowl of your favorite soup? If you find yourself scrolling a lot on TikTok lately, you also know that “beautiful, pretty girls love soup”, and the video sharing app is the best place to find trendy recipes to follow. For something super simple, try a taco soup recipe from TikTok.

Taco soup is definitely one of those dishes that almost anyone can stand behind, so it is perfect to share with your roomies or make for a dinner party with your best. Taco soup can also be prepared in many different ways just like regular tacos. Make a chicken taco soup recipe or one with beef. Top it off with lots of cheese or bun on corn, onions and cilantro. There is even a recipe for taco soup with ranch spice for extra flavor.

Whatever you fancy, there is a recipe for taco soup for you. You do not even have to spend time scrolling through your FYP to find it. Just check out these eight original taco soup recipes from TikTok to follow, and get yourself a taco Tuesday every night of the week.

For anyone who is more into creamy soups, you will love this recipe from TikToker @dinnerswithbridgett. With ingredients such as cream cheese, strong whipped cream and grated cheese mixed in, you get this perfectly cozy creamy beef taco soup. Once in the bowl, top with even more grated cheese to make it right rist.

On the extra cool days, this chicken taco soup will hit just right. The recipe from TikToker @ at.home.cook is pretty simple and contains both shredded chicken and taco rice for extra texture. You can even top with tortilla chips instead of your typical soup biscuits.

An easy recipe for taco soup is this Crockpot version from TikToker @ momof_boysx3. Since it takes about four to six hours to cook slowly, you can even start it in the morning to have it ready for a late lunch or dinner. Just mix the ingredients and let it sit until it’s time to eat – so simple.


Taco soup with turkey and black beans

Making taco soup is like going through a Chipotle line where you can add what ingredients you like. For example, TikToker @thecaseyferguson prefers a ground turkey and black bean taco soup, while some other recipes include chicken, beef or pinto beans. It’s really up to you.


Creamy green Chile Taco Crockpot soup

Another recipe that makes you look like you worked hard in the kitchen while barely lifting a finger is this creamy taco Crockpot soup recipe. The block of cream cheese in this recipe by TikToker @imbrookeperry really gives the soup its creamy and delicious texture. When it has finished merging with the rest of the ingredients, you are ready to serve with a little coriander, avocado and lime on top.


Taco soup with ranch spice

Adding ranch to your taco soup may sound interesting, but it’s super delicious. In fact, in this recipe from TikToker @gardenerskitchen, the ranch spices really add flavor. This recipe also contains both black and pinto beans, so that’s all you have bean looking for if you are a prayer lover.


Chicken Taco Soup With Chili Cheese Fritos

Prepare yourself this chicken taco soup that you can enjoy after training. With whole chicken breast that you tear up later, this recipe from TikToker @zachcoen is full of protein and delicious. A tip shared in the guide is also to add some chili cheese Fritos on top – yummy!

To really warm up in the cold, try this spicy taco soup recipe from TikToker @ fireman1231. Since hot chipotle and green chili have been added to the mix, this soup has that little bit of kick. To ease the spice level, you can also top it with extra cheese and sour cream. Whatever you serve it will give your friends something to taco ‘match.

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