Stay warm (and caffeinated) this winter with these local drinks

Stay warm (and caffeinated) this winter with these local drinks

Have fun and try a local spin on peppermint mocha, hot chocolate and all the best festive drinks.

Jack Frost Latte, Wassail Cider and more | Beans N Cream Bakehouse
Among the Beans N Cream Bakehouse selections is Jack Frost Latte, a twist on the classic white chocolate and peppermint drink. Managing Partner for Beans N Cream Jeff Gauger says a turmeric ginger chai and a golden toffee latte are also on the horizon and will be released in early January. For now, he says, the team is excited about its Wassail Cider, made with spicy apple cider and imbued with elderberries and ginger. Gauger says Beans N Cream also sells its mid-winter reserve blend, which is roasted in Sun Prairie and contains notes of spice, nuts and fruit. 1120 W. Main St., Sun Prairie

The Midwinter Reserve blend from Beans N Cream.

Beans n Cream sells a midwinter reserve blend, roasted in Sun Prairie with notes of spice, nuts and fruit. Photo courtesy of Jeff Gauger

Photo courtesy of Managing Partner of Beans n Cream Jeff Gauger.

Hot chocolate, eggnog latte and gingerbread latte | Cafe Brittoli
Just off Atwood by the bike path, this intimate little cafe gets its coffee beans from the JBC roastery in Madison. Owner Conner DiPersio says pumpkin chocolate chip bread and banana nutella crepe are great combinations with any drink, especially one from its gourmet hot chocolate menu, consisting of six different types of hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows. DiPersio says the team will also offer an eggnog and gingerbread latte. 2326 Atwood Ave.

Happy cranberry, Windy Ci-Tea, Peppermint Fluff Latte, Bonfire Mocha and more | Colectivo coffee
Colectivo has several cold weather drinks to sip for this season. Some tea drinks include cranberry-hibiscus tea, Merry Cranberry, with notes of ginger, citrus and cinnamon – Colectivo calls it “a vibrant and festive holiday tonic – or choose Windy Ci-Tea, a blend of lavender syrup, oat milk, black tea and earl gray. Peppermint Fluff Latte with vegan peppermint fluff, similar to its pumpkin spice, is made internally with vanilla syrup, Espresso Toro and 2% milk. Event and communications manager Ramie Camarena says it’s the star of the show. ‘ treat with a mixture of cocoa powder, smoked paprika, espresso toro and oat milk.A maple oat-lait and salted caramel latte are also on the menu.All its holiday drinks are available until 4 January. 583 State St. 25 S. Pinckney St., 30 Monroe St.

Old Fashioned Latte, Nitro Nog, Oh Hey Dasher and Festivus Fizz | Crescendo Espresso Bar + Musikcafé
Crescendo has a few specials on its special winter menu. Only in Wisconsin can you find a locally made old-fashioned latte, made with Gentle Breeze honey, cherries and whiskey bitters. Go easy with Crescendo “Nitro Nog”, half nitro cold press and half real eggnog. Warm up with a cortado, holiday style with Oh Hey Dasher. Crushed sweets and white chocolate add a little sweetness to this drink. Crescendo also sells a sparkling “Festivus Fizz” soda, made with cranberry syrup and bitter. Pair any of its drinks with a double chocolate peppermint scones. 1859 Monroe St.

Eggnog Latte, Peppermint Mocha and more | Fair Trade coffee house
“Our winter drinks are meant to bring the flavors of the holiday together – to spend the colder days with a cozy reminder of the joys of the season,” says owner Casey Thompson. He believes that Eggnog Latte, made with eggnog and nutmeg, and Peppermint Mocha, which has chocolate and peppermint, produce everything there is to love about the holiday. Other offerings include gingerbread latte, toasted white chocolate mocha and tiramisu latte. 418 State St.

Peppermint Pattie Latte, toasted marshmallows hot chocolate and more | Java cat coffee
Java Cat Coffee has previously won awards for “Best Coffee Bar in Monona”, and this winter it delivers some new, homemade favorites. Try peppermint meatballs, gingerbread or eggnog lattes, or for a little more chocolate, go for the toasted marshmallow chocolate or mayamokka. 3918 Monona Drive

Golden Chai, Peppermint Mocha and more | Lakeside St. Coffee House
“Our large window looks out onto Monona Bay, so we’re going to see so much life in the winter,” said Miles Voss, head of Lakeside St. Coffee House. “Whether it’s migratory birds resting, ice fishermen out early in the morning or groups on snowshoes across the bay, life in the bay continues,” he continues. “When the bay freezes with a blanket of snow, it creates a quaint winter scene in Wisconsin that goes well with a peppermint mocha or a spicy praline latte.” Voss recommends pairing the golden chai with a Madison Sourdough molasses cookie or some of the baked goods from Lazy Jane’s. The chai concentrate is made in-house, infused with milk, turmeric and sweetened with local honey. In his words, it is “a cup of coziness.” 402 W. Lakeside St.

Gingersnap Latte, Peppermint Mocha | Ledger coffee roasters
Ledger Coffee Roasters offers several winter specials, including gingersnap latte. Try it with a vegan gingerbread donut at level 5 for the full holiday experience. As for coffee, founder and CEO Richard Wirsta says the Ledger extraction process is “careful.” The most popular syrup-based beverage at Ledger Coffee Roasters is its cardamom mocha. Cardamom seeds are soaked for hours for the syrup, and a Dutch chocolate adds a sweet note. “My wonderful, extremely talented team is clearly the biggest reason for our success. Secondly, our community embraced us right out of the gate, ”he adds. “Our customers have become our friends and we get to know about their families. We could not be more fortunate and grateful.” Ledger Coffee Roasters also sells a peppermint mocha with espresso, steamed milk and homemade peppermint and mocha syrups.Order Snowbird Winter Blend for home, or try the hot peppermint cocoa for a caffeine-free drink. 3241 Garver Green Suite 140

Gingerbread hot chocolate and ghost pepper latte | Madison Chocolate Co.
Homemade whipped cream tops the hot gingerbread hot chocolate at the award-winning Madison Chocolate Co. There is nothing like sitting by the campfire and sipping some hot chocolate while watching the snow fall. Ghost pepper latte is a signature of Madison Chocolate Co. This drink, made hot or ice cream, adds a spicy “ghost pepper caramel” with two shots of espresso and milk. 729 Glenway St.

“Everything Nice” Mocha, Candy Cane Mocha and Peppermint Mocha | Michelangelos
Michelangelo’s winter specialty drinks will be available through January with the latest addition of “Everything Nice”, a blend of brown sugar, cinnamon, Irish cream flavor and white chocolate, to the menu. While the traditional peppermint mocha is a classic, candy cane mocha – a peppermint white chocolate mocha – has become a fan favorite. The coffee shop will also introduce a turmeric ginger latte in the coming weeks. 114 State St.

Pistachio Oats Milk Latte | Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse
Jon Hain from Mother Fools suggests pairing any of his drinks with the vegan cocoa candy cane cream pie cookie. “The light taste of the lollipop fits perfectly with the pistachio oat milk latte,” he says, which will be available until the end of January. As the weather gets cooler, Hain adds that they use a 24-hour soaking process to bring out all the flavor in its organic cold brew. 1101 Williamson St.

Peppermint Mocha | Sencha tebar
While everyone knows Sencha Tea Bar for its sweet teas and pumpkin chai shakes, its peppermint mocha is another popular and festive drink – served ice cream or hot. The baristas are happy to add their own spin on any of their offerings. 430 State St.

Sencha Tea Bar Peppermint Mocha

Order Sencha Tea Bar Peppermint Mocha with or without bubbles, this drink reminds us of all the sweetness that comes with winter.

Candy Cane White Milk Tea and Pumpkin Pie Milk Tea | Taiwan small eat
You do not have to move on from the PSL season yet. Taiwan Little Eats still offers pumpkin drinks with its pumpkin pie milk. Add a little caramel to Taiwan Little Eats’ candy cane milk tea for a little extra sweetness this holiday season. 320 State St.

Mixed hot cocoa | Twisted Grounds
Although Twisted Grounds’ staff favorite is “Dirty Zebra,” a combination of espresso-chocolate chai-white chocolate, a festive, beloved drink is the mixed hot cocoa. 6067 Gemini Drive

Maple nut white mocha | Yolas cafe
Yola’s Cafe has become a knockout in the Madison waffle market, but its latte – served hot or ice cream – is also worth a try. A good option at this time of year is maple nut white mocha latte. 494 Commerce Drive

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