Starbucks or Dunkin ‘?  Grab one of these holiday treats on your next coffee round

Starbucks or Dunkin ‘? Grab one of these holiday treats on your next coffee round

There are so many different types of food and beverage options at Dunkin ‘and Starbucks, and choosing where to go can be difficult. Especially on the holiday menu, there is a wealth of drinks from both franchises that will blow you away – no matter which location you choose for your morning pick-up or a holiday pampering.

Hot chocolate

Starbucks’ first option for holiday drinks this season is toasted white hot chocolate. In my personal experience, this hot chocolate has flavors that you could never even dream of. The caramelized white chocolate and steamed milk gives a creamy, delicious and sweet hot chocolate that you could never get from at home. This is the absolutely perfect drink to warm you up.

At Starbucks there is also peppermint white hot chocolate, which contains a sweet twist on the classic holiday drink. This drink is topped with whipped cream, chocolate curls and a mocha drip. If you are not a fan of white chocolate, try the regular one peppermint hot chocolate, which is a classic hot chocolate that Starbucks serves every year. The peppermint syrup added to the hot chocolate is my favorite – and I can highly recommend it on a cold day.

Dunkin ‘serves a new one white mocha hot chocolate, a recreated traditional holiday drink with a beautiful creamy taste. White chocolate tops it, but the one thing missing is whipped cream on top. It provides a nice warm up for your day.


At Dunkin ‘I love getting latte and it was great to see all the wonderful options they have for the holiday season.

For peppermint lovers there is one peppermint mocha latte, which is left behind by popular demand. This drink offers both a hot and iced option, and apart from the peppermint taste, it is topped with mocha drip, whipped cream and cocoa powder.

Dunkin ‘also offers toasted white chocolate latte, a creamy, rich white chocolate flavor topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and cinnamon sugar.

Starbucks has so many drinks this holiday season – my favorite? That sponge cake almond milk latte. For all you coffee lovers out there, this latte is not only tasty, but it is also extremely holiday friendly. Not only is the steamed almond milk and the blonde fried espresso for a pick-me-up, but there are also festive red and green sprinkles that make it more geared towards the holiday season.

Starbucks also has its iconic chestnut praline latte if you are looking for something with lots of Christmas spices – the perfect taste for the winter season!

Starbucks also serves its caramel-roasted latte, and it is extremely delicious and perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Caramel brulée latte is a tasty combination of steamed milk and caramel brulée sauce that will blow your mind. It is also topped with whipped cream and even more caramel brulee pieces.


While there are so many different dining options in both places, nothing can compete with one of Starbucks’ vacation options. That, of course, is the buttery thing shortbread snowman cookie, which is adorably dressed up in a scarf with buttons. It reminds me of “Frosty the Snowman” – though I think that kind of Christmas mood was the intention.

At Dunkin ‘, there are a variety of holiday donuts to choose from, starting with frosted chocolate, vanilla or strawberry holly berries sprinkle donuts, all of which are excellent snacks for spreading Christmas cheer.

Whether your loyalty lies with Starbucks or Dunkin ‘, these are the absolute best coffee bars of the holiday season. Which one will you choose this year?


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