Several winter strawberries harvested in Italy

Several winter strawberries harvested in Italy

The strawberry is increasingly present on the market during the winter months. From December to January and February, strawberry productions are available to European consumers in all their naturalness. They are among the fruits that in recent years have experienced the greatest innovations in terms of genetic and technological improvements.

Winter production is simply obtained from fresh root-top plants planted in late summer in the countries of southern Italy such as Sicily, Basilicata or Campania. The special nursery technique for the fresh-rooted top plant, associated with a specific variety selection, has made it possible to expand winter production by in a short time transforming the strawberry into a product available on the European market for 12 months a year.

These winter fruits, thanks to a special variety of varieties suitable for this production period, are very sweet and aromatic and contain all the nutritional properties that make the strawberry a superfood with a high health power.

In the last year, the strawberry in Italy has experienced a significant increase in the area of ​​cultivated land, thanks to the investments that have mainly involved Basilicata, in Metapontino (+ 20%, source CSO Italy), in Campania (+6%) between Casertano and Piana del Sele and Sicily (+ 4%) represent the whole of southern Italy alone the cradle of home-grown strawberries, which harvest over 66% of production.

Pietro Ciardiello, director of Coop Sole, one of the supporting members of the Fruvenh project, takes stock of strawberry production in the 2022 campaign. “We are reaching full production,” declares Pietro Ciardiello, “as expected in February, slightly delayed from last year due to the unfavorable weather conditions that delayed the plants in late summer.”

“Coop Sole offers excellent quality thanks to the careful selection of varieties and our attention to cultivation techniques. We want an increasing supply of organic strawberries, zero-residue strawberries, and we are implementing, with excellent results, the pre-planting solarization technique, which avoids the use of synthetic chemicals and increases the presence of organic matter in the soil. Overall, in 2022 we will have a growth of 6% in the area invested in strawberries and will predictably lead to an increase in sales volumes, which are not yet quantifiable. ”

“The winter production of strawberries allows, thanks to varietal and technological innovation, water savings in the plants and reaches optimal quality levels. The strawberry,” concludes Ciardiello, “contrary to what is believed to be a perennial plant with winter growth. It requires, for to bear fruit, a certain number of days at low temperature, and scientific research has enabled us to cultivate it all year round with success and consumer interest. “

In Europe, about 1.2 million tonnes are consumed per year with a penetration index among European citizens of 93%. The European average per per capita is 1.6 kg according to Freshfel calculations.

Strawberries are among the products in focus for AOP Gruppo Vi.Va. Fruits and vegetables natural health! project, funded by the European Union, involving Almaverde Bio, Apofruit, CodmaOp, Coop Sole La Mongolfiera, Ortoromi, PempaCorer, Solarelli, OP Terre di Bari to promote the consumption and benefits of a diet based on fruits and vegetables that highlights nutrition and health properties of a basket of products rich in beneficial nutritional principles in Italy, the Netherlands and Romania.

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