Rujuta Diwekar’s guide to the healthiest meal plans for winter

Rujuta Diwekar’s guide to the healthiest meal plans for winter

Rujuta Diwekar's guide to the healthiest meal plans for winter

Winter food helps you stay warm and healthy

Winter is here and you can not escape it. The drop in temperature can have a significant impact on our bodily functions. It becomes very important to pamper ourselves with seasonal fruits and green vegetables to keep us in the pink health. In addition, many would argue that this is also the best time of year to enjoy sweet delicacies made from gur or for specially cooked in the winter. If you need help planning your meals, take a look at nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s Instagram post. She shares a chart listing all the foods you can cook daily to make your meals easy.

Here is Rujuta Diwekar’s suggested guide plan for your meals this winter:

1) Monday – Start the first day of your week on a delicious note with poha. It is a good source of carbohydrates, iron and fiber good for digestion. For breakfast you can get matarris and paneer. You can eat pithla bhakri with white butter or chicken and rice.

2) Tuesday – Sevaiya upma could be a good breakfast option. Prepare aloo gobi and bajra roti for lunch followed by khichdi or dal and rice accompanied by papad or achar for dinner.

3) Wednesday – You can plan your Wednesday with roti and for chutney in the morning. It is important to include as part of your diet, especially during the winter season, Rujuta said. Rajma chawal, the famous North Indian delicacy, goes well with lunch. Make a delicious paneer paratha for dinner.

4) Thursday – For a healthy breakfast option, choose ratalyacha kees. It is a traditional Maharashtra recipe prepared with sweet potatoes. This food has fried cracked sweet potatoes. Aloo sabzi with mandua or ragi roti is a good lunch option. You can have spinach curry and rice or roti with chauli usal / dal.

5) Friday – Iddada with lasun (garlic) chutney for breakfast. Mooli patta sabji and wheat or makai roti could be for lunch, and your dinner menu for the day could have kulthi soup, butter toast or moong dal with rice and ghee.

6) Saturday – Start your weekend with gobi paranthas as the first meal of the day. For lunch you can prepare baigan bharta and enjoy with roti. For dinner, eat some chana chawal.

7) Sunday – Rujuta Diwekar recommends idli podi for weekend breakfast followed by makki roti and makhan with saag. You are allowed to have your cheat meals this day. So you can eat dosa, pizza or pav bhaji.

But having said that, Rujuta said you can adjust and change times and food specialties according to your convenience and region.

Take a look:

She also added a note where she advised people to have winter fruits like sitaphal, guava, berries, strawberries, apples and others between meals. Stay well hydrated with water and include yourself with sugar cane juice, amla, lemon juice and lassi as part of your weekly routine. She stressed the importance of traditional sweets and suggested that you can choose pinnis, pinjiri, besan and methi ladoos. Time them according to your family tradition, she explained. Gajar ka halwa, jhangora kheer and other sweets can be added to weekend lunches, Rujuta added.


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