Rhode Island places to get hot chocolate this winter

Rhode Island places to get hot chocolate this winter

Rhode Island places to get hot chocolate this winter

A cup of hot chocolate is the taste of childhood for many.

I well remember my mother heating milk in a small saucepan and then adding Nestle cocoa powder from a can. We were not a family with marshmallows or whipped cream. We took our hot chocolate straight.

As delicious as the memory is, the taste of hot chocolate in local cafes and patisseries today will knock your socks off. The chocolate is rich, the milk creamy and the garnish includes marshmallows or whipped cream, sometimes homemade, always delicious.

Talk to any store owner and they will be happy to tell you about the special chocolate they buy to create the best hot chocolate. Some mix their own secret mixture. There are unexpected additions, like vanilla and salt.

Preparing a hot peppermint chocolate at Fuel Coffee Bar, 904 Boston Neck Road, is owner Lynn Eglington.

Who says hot chocolate has to be hot? Frozen versions are also on the menu. And they are just as satisfying to go down as the hot ones.

Restaurants have the ability to boost the taste with spirits and liqueurs and create very adult hot chocolate for brunch or after-dinner drinks. How very decadent and wonderful is that concept.

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Enjoy these 9 heavenly hot chocolates.

If you’re smart, you can probably use some of the information in this story to make your own spectacular cups at home.

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