Pet Sitter Doing Massive Amounts Of Laundry While Owner Is Gone

After reading all of these suggestions, the OP ended up making a decision to send the dog sitter this text: “Oops, I forgot to mention I’ve had some plumbing issues recently sorted out, so please be on the lookout for backups or leaks.” She also told the sitter that the laundry is available to her, but requested that it be kept at three or four loads total. Below is the OP’s complete update after she got home:

“Because comments still seem to be trickling in…I am home now, my pets are safe and healthy and don’t seem distressed, so I’m happy that they were well taken care of. My house, not so much. Thankfully, it is mild and no damage was done that I can tell, but my back door was left unlocked when no one was home, and the door from my house into the garage was left open, which could have hurt my cat, as there are chemicals, etc., out there, and she knew he shouldn’t be in the garage. I discovered that she’d clearly been using my car, and now have a low tire warning, but at least she filled the tank up. The lint trap of my dryer was never emptied, and after 14 loads through the week, the buildup was significant, to the point where I need to clean out the vent. I’m lucky the machine wasn’t damaged or there wasn’t a fire. There was a massive amount of loose food and trash in my recycling bin, so I got to spend some time scooping mashed potatoes out of the bottom of the bin.

“That’s not a complete list of the weird and disappointing things I discovered, but the rest is fairly mundane in comparison. Oh, and out of all that laundry? None of it was the guest bedsheets or the towels, so that theory was unfortunately wrong. She has ignored my texts and calls asking to speak to her. I haven’t written a review yet because I felt it was only fair to talk and understand her perspective, but the fact that she is ignoring me tells me she knows she overstepped appropriate behavior,” she concluded in the Reddit thread.

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