Pearl Jam, Morello + More calls for US aid in Afghan hunger crisis

Pearl Jam, Morello + More calls for US aid in Afghan hunger crisis

The United States may have withdrawn military forces from Afghanistan earlier this year, but concerns remain about the well-being of its residents from a number of humanitarian groups and concerned artists, including members of Pearl Jam and Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, who is seeking government assistance. those in need.

The band and guitarist have joined Painted Shield, Grouplove, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Josh Klinghoffer and actors Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski as well as Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation and the Alliance for Peacebuilding, CARE USA, Catholic Relief Services, International Rescue Committee, InterAction, Norwegian Refugee Council USA, Save the Children USA, War Child USA and World Vision US in a new campaign to focus on the food insecurity crisis in Afghanistan and call for state aid.

The artists and the organization have written an open letter, which is seen below, in which they share their concerns and call for action.

This winter, 23 million people – more than half of the country – are facing acute food insecurity, including nearly 9 million, which is a step away from famine.

According to the UN, up to 131,000 children could die of starvation if nothing is done.

Local and international organizations remain on the ground, committed to providing lifesaving assistance. However, humanitarian aid is not enough; The US government must act immediately to address the economic drivers behind this crisis. While prices skyrocket, Afghan families cannot access cash to pay for food, medicine or other basic goods. U.S. and global leaders must facilitate banking access for Afghans and find new ways to support the country’s critical services such as hospitals, schools and utilities.

We can not allow the Afghan people to fall victim to the passivity of the world. As winter sets in, tens of thousands of lives hang in the balance. Global leaders need to do the right thing – before it’s too late.


Alliance for Peacebuilding
Catholic relief services
International Rescue Committee
Norwegian Refugee Council USA
Save the Children USA
War Child USA
World Vision USA

In an interview with Variety, Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready said: “When we see the situation in Afghanistan unfold over the last few months, we feel that it is morally urgent to do what we can. For us, it is really trying to create more awareness of what is happening and that there are actions governments can take to prevent millions from starving.Our country has played a major role in Afghanistan for decades and we can not look away now just because the military officially retired.”

Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard added: “We have all witnessed how difficult it has been to end US engagement in Afghanistan, but we can not turn a blind eye now to the millions of families bearing the consequences. We have a commitment to support the Afghan people and to ensure that our actions do not make it even more difficult for them to access food and basic necessities. “

To learn more and find out how you can donate to help, visit the InterAction website here.

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