Overwatch smurfs make fighting “unplayable” after winter sales

Overwatch smurfs make fighting “unplayable” after winter sales

A new wave of Overwatch smuggling accounts after the Christmas sale makes the game “unplayable” for players across the rankings.

There are two types of players that the gaming sphere is not particularly fond of: cheaters and smurfs. While the former speaks for itself, the latter refers to high-level players who create new accounts to be matched with lower-level players.

This means, of course, that they are likely to ruin the competition, ruin games for them at the lower end of the ranked spectrum, and stifle their progression up the ladder.

It turns out that the post-Christmas sale period has apparently seen a whole host of smurfs return to Overwatch, and they are causing chaos in games from bronze to platinum.

overwatch sombra with gun staring past camera
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Sombra is the only hacker we want to see in Overwatch, but we do not want to see anyone smurfs.

The Overwatch Smurfs are back in style

After Blizzard’s Christmas sale, players have noticed an influx of higher-level players posing as bronze-ranked.

“Overwatch’s low rank can hardly be played right now,” says one fan. “After the recent winter sales, the number of smurfs increased disproportionately. It is impossible to play a match and not have one or two smurfs on the opposing team.

“It’s frustrating, the only ones left to buy this game are people who already play it. High Elo Smurfs are the ones who spend the money on getting more accounts. Out of 10 games I played yesterday, one did not smurfs.

They conclude that they “can not handle this anymore,” they say, “it’s really ruining the fun for me, and I’m betting on too many others, but Blizzard will not do anything.”

Overwatch low rank Can hardly be played right now. from Overwatch

It turns out, however, that Smurfs have managed to worm their way into the game’s higher ranks, including Platinum.

“What do you mean by low rank?” asks a player. “Platinum has been worse than usual the last few months. It feels like rolling a dice. I would say I get smurfs on either my team or foe or both teams at least 40% -50% of the time.” Another repeats this and writes “Platinum is surprisingly more Elo-hell than gold. Just wait. The Smurfs there are people who are hardcore DPS wearing a Mercy to Diamond / Masters.”

It seems that sales are pretty much the root of the problem, with one fan commenting “even in quick play classic, I find that every time Blizzard runs a sale, matchmaking is just broken, and the next little piece time is played much less fun. ”

Whether Blizzard brings down the ban hammer for these players is still unknown, but whatever they choose to do, they will have to do it quickly.

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