Over 100 glass floats are falling on Lincoln City’s beaches this weekend

Over 100 glass floats are falling on Lincoln City’s beaches this weekend

Glass floats
Nearly 3,000 colorful glass floats are hidden each year along seven miles of the Oregon Coast, between Roads End and Siletz Bay, as part of Finders Keepers treasure hunt. (Photo courtesy of Lincoln City Visitor and Convention Bureau)

The beloved event, Finders Keepers, returning to Lincoln City, Oregon this weekend. From the 8th to the 9th of January 2022, it’s your chance to try your luck by finding one of 100 beautiful hand-blown glass floats on LC’s seven miles of coastal beaches. The catch? There is no! You find it, you keep it.

Since 1997, mysterious locals have been hiding glass floats on the sands of Lincoln City, a return to when locals would find vintage Japanese floats washed up from their voyage across the Pacific Ocean. These days, local artisans take care of the treasure, which is no less special.

Lincoln City glass floats

Glass floats
Beautiful glass floats on the beach

Each unique glass bubble is numbered and signed so that finders can register their discoveries online. If you’re lucky enough to find one, bring your float to the Visitors’ Center at 540 NE Hwy 101 in Lincoln City, OR to receive an autograph from the floater, certificate of authenticity, and a biography from the craftsman. As if that were not enough to bring you to the coast, when you register your glass float between June 14, 2022 and December 31, 2022, you will win a vacation trip to Lincoln City including a three-night stay. Knot a Care at Beverly Beach, free meals at MIST at Surftides and 60s coffee, and a glass fusion lesson at Mor Art. Now it’s a win / win.

Glass floats
Glass floats on the beach

For all info, visit OregonCoast.org for all the details you need, including social media where you can post your treasure finds, phone numbers and more.

This is only the beginning of Finders Keepers for 2022. According to Explore Lincoln City, drops continue throughout the year with special hides on different dates:

12.-21. February 2022: Antiques Week: 100 Japanese antique floats
12.-14. February 2022: Valentine’s Day: 50 red / pink / white floats
March 19-3. April 2022: Spring break: 200 floats
22.-24. April 2022: Earth Day: 50 Earth Day floats
7.-9. May 2022: Mother’s Day: 50 floats
28.-30. May 2022: Memorial Day: 50 red / white / blue floats
25.-26. June 2022: Summer Dragons: 10 Hope Floats
June TBD: Casino Anniversary: ​​27 floats
18.-19. June 2022: Father’s Day: 50 floats
3-5. September 2022: College Ball: 20 green / yellow and 20 orange / black floats
September TBD: Celebration of Honor: 50 red / white / blue floats
1-2. October 2022: Autumn dragon: 10 floats Hope floats
24.-27. November 2022: Thanksgiving: 50 floats
10-11 December 2022: Basketball: 50 red / black floats
19.-25. December 2022: Winter holidays: 50 floats

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