Our top 10 budget-friendly plant-based recipes from November 2021!

Our top 10 budget-friendly plant-based recipes from November 2021!

These budget-friendly vegan recipes mean you do not have to break the bank to get tasty, healthy, seasonal meals that are 100% plant-based. These meals are simple and inexpensive, so you do not have to spend your entire paycheck to enjoy being plant-based!

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1. Funfetti Pancake Grain

Our top 10 budget-friendly plant-based recipes from November 2021!

Source: Funfetti Pancake Cereal

Take pancake cereal to the next level with this funfetti pancake cereal recipe! This Funfetti Pancake Cereal from Alchemy Eats is perfect when you want to shake up your breakfast. It’s such a fun and delicious way to start your day!

2. Simple French onion soup

Vegan simple French onion soup

Source: Simple French onion soup

French onion soup is usually prepared with beef broth, but it can easily be made vegan with a combination of different sauces and spices! This simple French onion soup by Sarah Ottino is super close to the real thing. I prefer to use croutons in my soup as I am not a fan of soft bread. It is also easy to make for anyone who does not own French onion soup ramekins as this does not require the dishes to be baked in the oven. This simple vegan soup can be whipped up in under an hour, making it a great option for dinner!

Burnt Veggie Pasta With Sage Cream Sauce

Vegan toasted vegetable pasta with sage cream sauce

Source: Roasted Veggie Pasta With Sage Cream Sauce

When we think of autumn, we think of tasty comfort food and roasted vegetables. This roasted vegetable pasta with sage cream sauce by Kristen Genton with seasonal and colorful root vegetables, is just the kind of meal. Covered with a cream sauce made from garlic and fresh sage, it gives a balance of flavor between fried vegetables and herbal sauce.

4. Morning Glory Muffins

Vegan Morning Glory Muffins

Source: Morning Glory Muffins

These Morning Glory Muffins from Maggie Wescott are gluten-free, oil-free and refined sugar-free. These healthy muffins are full of flavor, are very nutritious and will quickly become a daily staple in your home. You can add these to your breakfast repertoire along with Maple-Vanilla Granola and Banana Muffins.

5. Mushroom sage filling

Vegan mushroom stuffing

Source: Mushroom sage filling

Traditionally made with chicken or turkey broth, this mushroom sage filling by Taavi Moore is exclusively plant-based. The flavorful mushroom broth brings out the rich umami flavor that you might think you would be missing with a completely vegan filling.

6. Pumpkin Cheesecake

Vegan pumpkin cheesecake

Source: Pumpkin Cheesecake

Decadent and delicately sweet. This Pumpkin Cheesecake from Jeunesse Pouchet is a real treat. It is also packed with nutritious ingredients like tofu, cinnamon, bananas and coconut milk.

7. Pulled ‘Pork’ sandwich with carrot apple slaw

Vegan pulled 'pork' sandwich with carrot apple slaw

Source: Pulled ‘Pork’ sandwiches with carrot apple slaw

Get ready to meet your new favorite vegan sandwich. These pulled ‘pork’ sandwiches with carrot apple slave by Robin Browne are salivable. They are filling, with a smoky taste and a touch of sweetness. These bbq jackfruit sandwiches are accompanied by a delicious carrot + apple slaw. It is crispy, sweet and filled with the good stuff.

8. Cinnamon Turmeric sweet potatoes

Vegan cinnamon turmeric sweet potatoes

Source: Cinnamon Turmeric sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be garnished with all sorts of delicious things, from sweet maple tahini to airy marshmallows to cauliflower cheese. These sweet potatoes with cinnamon turmeric by Holly Bertone for sweet potatoes let the natural taste of sweet potatoes shine and elevate it with a few selected spices: cinnamon, turmeric, thyme, salt and pepper. Just a quick toss, some time in the oven, and voila! A delicious accessory you will use time and time again.

9. French Toast Bread

Vegan French toast bread

Source: French Toast Bread

Does this recipe need an explanation at all? This French toast from Gabrielle St. Claire is effortless, does not require vegan eggs, has minimal ingredients, low sugar content in the bread itself, you can cut the sugar content down by opting out of either topping, takes minimal time and tastes like French toast throughout! If you fancy modern vegan breakfast sweets, try this French toast.

10. Black bean bread

black bean bread

Source: Black Bean Loaf

A tasty bean-based offering of the traditional meat loaf. This Black Bean Loaf from Natasha Condie comes with black beans, oatmeal and a blend of spices. This black bean bread has a nice crust and soft interior that just melts in your mouth. This vegan meatball will be a hit for your next dinner party! Serve it with a side of cream spinach and mashed potatoes for a solid comforting and tasty meal!

Learn how to make plant-based meals at home

Reducing your meat intake and eating more plant-based foods is known to help chronic inflammation, heart health, mental well-being, fitness goals, nutritional needs, allergies, good health, and more! Unfortunately, milk consumption has also been linked to many health problems, including acne, hormonal imbalance, Cancer, prostate cancer, and has many side effects.

For those interested in eating more plant-based, we highly recommend purchasing one of our many plant-based cookbooks or downloading Food Monster app which has thousands of delicious recipes, making it the greatest vegan recipe resource to help reduce your environmental footprint, save animals and stay healthy! And while you’re at it, we encourage you to learn about it as well environmental and health benefits of one plant-based diet.

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