Ol ‘Jakes Deli is open in the Plaza Towers, homemade soup is on the menu

Ol ‘Jakes Deli is open in the Plaza Towers, homemade soup is on the menu

Ol ‘Jakes Deli is open in the Plaza Towers, homemade soup is on the menu

Looking for a change and recognizing a need, Jodi Danler of Hutchinson has changed careers – from traveling nurse to independent grocery store and restaurant operator.

Danler and her husband Mark opened this week Ol ‘Jake’s Convenience Store and Deli in the former Hayden’s Salon room on the ground floor of Plaza Towers.

The company at 15 E. Second Ave. is named after her Australian Shephard mix, who was with Danler a month back for 20 years.

“He was part of the family, and we felt we should name this store after him to honor him,” said Jodi Danler, pointing to a large print of Jake on a wall in the 1,500-square-foot store. “He was the most loyal and amazing dog.”

Danler continued the theme, naming all the items on the daily lunch menu after other pets in the extended family.

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Anna True, left, Chris Evans and owner Jodi Danler stand with a portrait of Ol 'Jake, the Danler family dog ​​that they had for almost 20 years, after which Ol' Jake's Convenience Store and Deli are named.  The convenience store is located at 15 E. Second Ave., next to the Plaza Towers Community Building.

Jodi Danler, 54, born and raised in Hutchinson, said she lives in the house she was born in. Her family moved to Inman for eight years while her children went to high school, but then they returned “home.”

She was a traveling nurse for 30 years, but with increasing arthritis, she got tired of the journey.

“I still love caring and I help in a nursing home when they need me, but it’s a lot of part time,” she said. “I was ready for something else, mostly because I wanted to be home and not travel anymore.”

Mark Danler, 58, is in the process of renovating Plaza Towers.

Jodi, while chatting with residents while visiting him there, discovered that many did not have cars, so easy access to restaurants and shops is limited.

“I mentioned to a few people that they needed a grocery store and they said ‘You should do it. Why not also make a delicatessen?'” Said Jodi Danler. “There is no delicacy here and when you work late “You can only get fast food. They needed something else.”

Ol 'Jake's Convenience Store and Deli is now open seven days a week next to the Plaza Towers Community at 15 E. Second Ave.  and offers convenience items, fountain drinks, coffee, breakfast pastries, sandwiches, homemade soup and donuts.

Danler said she always thought it would be fun to run a restaurant because she loves to cook, but she had no experience in retail. She has received a lot of help from operators of Ampride in Inman, she said, and found out things like how much food to buy, how much meat to put on a sandwich, and what prices to pay.

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