Niko’s offers Greek Pastitsio lasagne for only 1-day specials

Niko’s offers Greek Pastitsio lasagne for only 1-day specials

JOLIET, IL – A small takeaway restaurant on Joliet’s east side made a huge name for itself in 2021 by selling 1,300 Greek chicken dinners in a single day. But with a new year here, the owner of Nikos Pizzeria introduces a unique special recipe that comes all the way from Greece.

This Wednesday the 12th of January. Niko’s Pizzeria intends to sell 300 to 400 orders of Mrs. Vaso’s Greek lasagne – known in Greece as pastitsio. The meal comes with garlic bread for $ 9.99, owner Niko Lippas told Joliet Patch on Friday.

In 2021, Niko’s became locally famous for her family’s secret Greek chicken recipe. Now he hopes to embark on a new record assignment in 2022 with Mrs. Vasos Greek pastitsio.

Can Niko’s sell 400 meals in the cold winter in mid-January?

He’s figuring it out.

Nikos Lippas said the Greek pastitsio made by Mrs. Vaso from Greece is one of the best dishes I have ever tasted. Image via Niko Lippas used with permission.

“When I was in Greece last summer, for one of our family dinners, Mrs. Vaso made the Greek pastitsio, and I ate it, and it was one of the best dishes I’ve ever had,” Lippas told Patch. “I definitely told her you should tell me the recipe, and soon enough she did.

“Now we’re starting to get big with the authentic Greek pastitsio.”

Niko’s Pizzeria will be open Wednesday from 10:30 to 22:00. The takeaway and delivery restaurant will also sell other menu items that day.

However, Lippas urges its loyal customer base to take a break from their routine to try Mrs. Vasos Greek pastitsio.

Pastitsio is a Greek baked dish made from minced meat layered with pasta topped with layers of cheese and a white sauce.

“I would love all my loyal customers to try it,” Lippas remarked Friday. “Hopefully the customers like it and it goes the way of the Greek chicken, so popular.”

People can start placing their export orders in advance by calling Niko’s at 815-722-8800.

Image via Nikos Lippas used with permission.

One more thing:

Niko’s has introduced several products imported from Greece, which can also be purchased in the lobby of the Joliet restaurant in downtown 20 Ohio St.

Following popular demand, he sells several of his family’s “Extra, Extra, Extra Virgin Olive Oil” that comes from his family’s olive trees in Kalamata, Greece. A half gallon bottle costs $ 19.99.

He also sells containers of his family’s Kalamata Greek olives for $ 7.99.

Third, Niko’s Pizzeria now sells Baklaba, a layered pastry dessert from Greece, for $ 4.49.

Niko’s Pizzeria now sells authentic olives imported from Kalamata Greece at its downtown Joliet restaurant as long as stocks last. Image via John Ferak / Patch
Nikos Greek olive oil costs $ 19.99 for half a gallon. It comes from Kalamata, Greece. Image via John Ferak / Patch

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