Nigella Lawson’s fiery roasted red salsa will keep you warm all winter – SheKnows

Nigella Lawson’s fiery roasted red salsa will keep you warm all winter – SheKnows

Some people just give off cozy moods. You know that their house will be comfortable and unpretentious, warm and clean. They are probably good at talking, make perfect coffee and cocktails and of course know how to cook. Nigella Lawson certainly fits the bill. She’s basically the British Ina Garten with a little bit of sensual glam thrown into the mix, and is known for her TV-made cooking shows and the many cookbooks she’s written. We have long been fans of Lawson and her cooking, so when we saw that she had shared a recipe for a fiery roasted vegetable salsa, we knew we had to put it on our must-try list.

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If you’re not a fan of pico de gallo or other raw, thick salsas (especially in the winter, when fresh and tasty tomatoes are so hard to find), then Lawson’s roasted salsa is for you. Roasting the vegetables required in the recipe – tomatoes, red onion, red pepper, red chili and garlic – deepens their flavor. The tomatoes and peppers get sweeter, and when the vegetables are later mixed together, the charred edges add a layer of smoky complexity to your salsa.

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Lawson encourages using “red chili” in the recipe. If you want a super spicy salsa, you can use Thai bird chiles or red jalapeƱos with seeds and skin left in. For a medium spice, use Fresno chili, cherry pepper or red jalapeƱos with seeds and skin removed. Or, if you prefer a very mild salsa, you can just use another red pepper.

Once the vegetables are fried and charred places, blend them together. You can use a stick blender, and Lawson recommends that you pulsate the ingredients together instead of continuously running the blender so you have more control over the finished texture.

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Once your toasted red salsa is done, you can use it in tons of different ways. It is, of course, a tasty addition to any Mexican food you want to cook, from tacos to tamales to enchiladas. But it can also be used to simply garnish fried chicken or pork, and there is no better way to appreciate freshly made salsa than by serving it straight up with a bowl of hot tortilla chips sprayed with lime juice. Say goodbye to the pot salsa you usually have on hand, because once you have tried Nigella Lawson’s salsa recipe, there is no going back.

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