“More than just a traditional yoga class”

“More than just a traditional yoga class”

One thing is always the same in the new year – continue. People want to be healthy and have positive changes, and Yoga Highlands has some recommendations for becoming a better version of yourself.

Yoga Highlands rebuilt its new studio in 2020 and begins its 18th business year in the Highlands.

Owners of Yoga Highlands, Chad Garner and Ashby Underwood, said yoga is good for health and strengthens individuals.

“People are seeking a foothold for positive change in 2022,” Underwood said. “Since yoga is an education system for learning to listen to your body, it allows you to deal with many physical and mental stressors on your own. It is good for your health and many of us have developed some bad habits during the pandemic, one of which is getting used to isolation. A yoga class puts you in touch with a community that inspires you. ”

There are several positive effects in just one yoga class, according to Underwood.

“The caresses of even a yoga class are improved immune function, better flexibility and agility, increased breathing capacity, a clear and focused mind, deeper sleep, decreased anxiety,” said Underwood. “How we move is how we do anything. This teaching style is easy on the body, energetic and balancing on the spine and joints. We can ask you to move slowly and feel, not to push or strain.”

Yoga Highlands offers more than just a traditional yoga class.

Underwood said they offer several things that incorporate holistic healing.

“We offer training in healing with traditional foods, lifestyle balance, modern pilates, core consciousness, breathing, meditation and retreats,” said Underwood. “We teach about nutrition in the winter. After the holidays, people seek to feel lighter, lose weight and feel better inside. Body image is the key. We teach about food as medicine and how improving digestion can improve the immune system and increase daily energy levels. “

One difference with Yoga Highlands, which may be different from other yoga studies, is that Garner and Underwood specialize in Ida P. Rolf’s method of structural integration.

“Ida P. Rolf’s method of structural integration is a manual therapy that specializes in whole-body adjustment of an individual who is balanced within the field of gravity,” said Underwood. “We found this work by curing the back pain that stopped our fun as athletes. We tried both different types of therapies, and structural integration worked to get us out of pain when nothing else did. It was effective and efficient. We could “both like the interactive nature of the sessions themselves. We now have clients driving into the highlands to receive sessions.”

Dr. Rolf practiced for almost 40 years before she found an audience willing to learn her craft as a craft. In the late 1960s, scientists and psychologists began to validate that the state of the physical body could affect a person’s mental state.

“Dr. Rolf was the first woman to receive a PhD in biochemistry in 1918 and a degree in atomic physics and mathematics in 1921,” Underwood said. “On a horse-packing trip to Yellowstone in 1923, she was kicked in the chest by a horse and developed pneumonia. She had to be taken to an osteopath in Billings, MT, and ‘after his treatment of my ribs the symptoms disappeared’. Dr. Rolf developed this holistic osteopathic body from science and her experience. “

Since Underwood is at the height that the Highlands are, Underwood said it is an invitation to optimal health.

“We all hope to be agile and cordial in our old age, no matter where we live,” Underwood said. “In the Highlands, there is definitely an invitation to optimal health by engaging in nature, farm sourcing, body work, meditation and yoga – we complete your mountain lifestyle.

When clients move here from living on the ocean surface, there may be awkward adjustments initially with sinus pressure and oxygen capacity. All the things we teach are adaptable and tonifying. We have ample opportunity in the mountains to stretch our legs out on a path or sit still with a view. And even better, to do these things without pain and with ease. “

People can call Studio 828-526-8880 or go to the Yoga Highlands website, www.yogahighlands.com, to find out more about their winter classes and private sessions.

– By Christopher Lugo

“More than just a traditional yoga class”
Submitted image One of the Yoga Highlands owners, Ashby Underwood in the Yoga Highlands studio.

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