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Monroe News – Waldo County VillageSoup


Hi Monroe!

Freezing temperatures provide space for rain and ice and more rain and warmer temperatures and then pliable amounts of snow. We have been stuck mostly indoors during periods of cold lows and looked outside the next day without the need for mittens. Go with the flow! You are most likely familiar with the quote by Mark Twain: “If you do not like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” Often, so true! Regardless of the current conditions, I hope you stay warm, well and safe while the winter is on.

Worth celebrating

Congratulations to Roland Clements for his recent retirement after 32 years of service in the Maine Department of Transportation. Roland now celebrates with his wife Marnee, who says: “We can not all wait for our journey and endless adventures to begin. Your infectious smile always fills the room with your lively attitude and the gift you can grab anywhere “We are so happy for you and we love you!” Enjoy your new hours of freedom for other pursuits, Roland!

Lions news

The Monroe Lions Club meets on the first Tuesday of each month and is always actively seeking new members. Contact club president Mike Moody (322-2269) or treasurer David Doak (525-4431) for more information on how to be a part of this core group.

Club Secretary Bernys Doak presented Monroe’s Mario Tribuzio with a needle and a letter commemorating his 40 years of service with the Lions. Both impressive and much appreciated, Mario! Your lifetime and commitment to the group is an excellent example of positive involvement and dedication to all.

The Monroe Veterans Memorial Park is shaping up nicely across from Monroe Community Church along Route 139. In the spring, more personal bricks will be ready for placement in the walkway leading up to the memorial stones. There is still time to order a memorial stone to be placed: Contact club member Michael Schaab ( or 922-8812) for assistance.

Stay tuned: The next Monroe Lions Club project on the horizon will be ambitious. Monroe is home to the beautiful, but often underutilized, Gesner Park. A committee is in the process of forming, with the aim of working together to raise funds for new play structures to be installed in the park, along with other possible improvements and upgrades. Meeting dates, times and ways to get involved will very soon be posted here, on flyers around town and on various Facebook pages!

Have a nice week!

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