Martha Stewart’s One-Pan Meatballs Casserole Weeknight Recipe – SheKnows

Martha Stewart’s One-Pan Meatballs Casserole Weeknight Recipe – SheKnows

On cool winter nights, nothing beats a hot meal made from scratch. The problem is that most of the cool winter nights are weekdays when it feels almost impossible to make a comprehensive comfort food meal – many of our favorites require so many pots, pans and baked goods that when we finish the dishes after we have eaten it is already bedtime! That’s why we love one-pot meals, like this meatball casserole from Martha Stewart. It delivers a great taste, but everything is made in one pot so you are not left elbow deep in foam food when you really want to go to the couch and watch TV.

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The meatballs themselves are quite traditional, a mixture of minced beef and minced pork. They are bound with eggs and breadcrumbs and they get a flavor boost from grated pecorino cheese, garlic and parsley. They are sautéed in your frying pan (we like Ina Garten’s favorite cast iron Lodge pot or this more advanced enameled cast iron pot from Le Creuset) until browned all over, then removed from the pan.

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All the brown pieces at the bottom of the pan add flavor to the tomato sauce, which is made in the same frying pan of onions, red pepper flakes and tomatoes. Return the meatballs to the pan and simmer in the tomato sauce until well done. While simmering away, the meatballs add flavor to the sauce, and the sauce adds a tasty exchange to the meatballs.

Fresh mozzarella is placed on top of the meatballs when they are ready, and then the frying pan is transferred to the broiler, where the fresh mozzarella melts into milky puddles with a creamy taste (you can also add a handful of grated low-moisture mozzarella and extra pecorino if you have some of the browned cheese flavor).

Normally we would serve meatballs with spaghetti or another pasta, but Stewart has another idea to save on dishes. She recommends serving this easy one-pan meatball casserole with toast instead. It saves you the pasta pot and sieve in your cleanup, and sturdy slices of crispy bread are just the tools you need to scoop up the tender meatballs, fragrant sauce and melted mozzarella.

It’s the type of meal that will taste like you’ve spent the whole day cooking, but in reality you’ll have to eat dinner in about an hour. It is a good thing!

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