Laramie is home to the best ‘themed’ restaurant in all of Wyoming

Laramie is home to the best ‘themed’ restaurant in all of Wyoming

How you brand yourself is important to any business. Especially in the restaurant industry. And to take your brand one step further and make it a theme for your entire restaurant is to take things to another level. As it turns out, the best ‘theme’ restaurant in the entire state of Wyoming is much closer than you might think. It’s in Laramie!

Of course, if you were to build a theme based on something in Wyoming, what would you think the theme could be? It’s a half rhetorical question given the fact that we literally live in Cowboy State. It is only fitting that this particular themed restaurant in Laramie is also a steakhouse. Calvaryman Steakhouse is the place to be for the best themed restaurant in Wyoming.

According to the popular food release, ‘Eat This, Not That’, Calvaryman Steakhouse in Wyoming has a unique background that goes with its theme. Here’s what they had to say about what they call the best theme restaurant in Cowboy State:

Wyoming is known as Cowboy State and Cavalryman Steakhouse fully embraces this. Located on the parade ground of historic Fort Sanders, the d├ęcor includes old carriages and wood paneling. There are also many black and white photos from the 19th century where Fort Sanders was established … Steak is what’s for dinner at Cavalryman; the menu offers a wide variety of options, including local bison ribeye.

Their menu has plenty of steak and other ‘Wyoming traditions’ include menu items such as Rough Rider Throwback, Cattlemen’s Turf and Turf, Squid and Turf and an orange glazed fried duck breast. You can check out the link to their full menu here.

In fact, check out what they’re offering this week on their Facebook page.

The ad reads:

This week’s Grassfed Feature is a 12 oz New York Striploin rubbed with our distinctive garlic and pepper seasoning, grilled to perfection and served with cast iron baked potato potatoes with bacon and grilled zucchini and peppers!

To check out what the best themed restaurant in all of Wyoming has to offer, stop by Calvaryman Steakhouse in Laramie at 4425 S. 3rd Street.

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