It’s all about comfort food this winter – and it’s easy to do with smart appliances from Chefwave |  APN news

It’s all about comfort food this winter – and it’s easy to do with smart appliances from Chefwave | APN news

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It’s all about comfort food this winter – and it’s easy to do with smart appliances from Chefwave

Published December 17, 2021

Enjoy the taste of summer indoors this winter with these practical and smart kitchen appliances

Imagine serving cozy, mouth-watering meals every night, all winter, and still having time for life outside the kitchen. If that fantasy makes you feel hot and blurry all over, you need to know about the latest time-saving appliances from ChefWave, each designed with convenience in mind.

It’s all about comfort food this winter – and it’s easy to do with smart appliances from Chefwave |  APN news

Home cooks everywhere expect ChefWave to create healthy, easy-to-prepare, family-friendly dishes without compromising on quality. Winter – also called comfort food season – is a great time to discover what these game-changers can do for you. They even bring the taste and aroma of outdoor cooking, inside!

For example, the Sosaku Smokeless Infrared Rotisserie Indoor Tabletop Grill (MSRP $ 149.95) serves as your outdoor, non-smoking BBQ. Grill an entire rotisserie chicken to perfection as well as kabobs, Japanese Hibachi, vegetables and more, just like summer grilling, and like a professional. This smoke-free grill heats up quickly and the adjustable temperature ensures that burgers, steaks and fish get a perfect browning while remaining juicy. The remaining cool drip tray captures grease drips to keep things healthier. Accessories include french fries and fish baskets, skewers, skewers, two forks and a 9 × 13 inch nonstick grill.

The Magma 16-Quart Air Fryer Oven with Rotisserie, Dehydrator and Accessories (MSRP $ 119.95) is one of the largest fryers on the market today. Packed with professional-quality features that make it easy to prepare a wide range of starters and side dishes, from a smoothly fried roast to fried chicken to golden brown, oil-free french fries – prepare an entire meal for the whole family in this spacious cooking unit. It even bakes cakes! The dehydrator is great for healthy snacks – think jerky, dried fruit and wall chips. It has a generous size of 16 liters and comes with net trays and baskets, spears, spear racks, a rotisserie set, a steak / fish cage and much more.

Soups, stews, chili, oatmeal, risotto and more are a snap with the 13-in-1 Chefe Multicooker (introductory price $ 174.95 to 31/12, MSRP: $ 199.95). This ingenious multitasker uses steam heat under pressure to slowly cook, steam, bake and reheat comforting winter favorites with ease. Its one-touch programmable features and Smart Control technology ensure a precise, even cooking temperature. The voice alarm function allows you to keep track of the cooking process. You can even use the 4-quart nonstick inner pot as a serving / storage / reheating dish.

Secco Pro Food Dehydrator (MSRP $ 249.95) allows you to make ready-made snacks directly in your own kitchen. Available with either 6 or 10 trays, this professional-quality slim dehydrator uses 360-degree airflow to create a selection of delicious, nutritious treats at a fraction of the price of dried food from the store. Turn fruits, vegetables and meat into fun creations like rollups, chips, jerky and trail mix. You can also dry and preserve fresh herbs. It comes with a recipe book and everything you need to make tasty, healthy dried treats for the whole family.

All ChefWave products are safe, easy to use and backed by a one-year warranty. They are easy to clean and maintain and they look great in any kitchen. Look for ChefWave on Amazon and Lifestyle by Focus or at retailers like Macy’s and Walmart.

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