Indian cooking tips: 5 deci soups to keep you warm in winter

Indian cooking tips: 5 deci soups to keep you warm in winter

Think of winter and we imagine instantly foggy mornings, steaming hot chai and cozy beds, right? The season to laze and find solace in soothing and warm recipes, winter has a special place in the heart of every foodie. If you ask us, the first dish that comes to mind when we talk about winter food should be delicious and creamy soup! In fact, we’ll happily vouch for the fact that there’s no better way to spend a cool winter night than to cuddle up in your favorite blanket and sip on a delicious bowl of homemade soup. For the people who echo these words, here are some quick and healthy desi soup recipes that you can whip together in minutes. Not only are these recipes easy and delicious, but they are also made with some of the most common desi vegetables and ingredients.

5 easy desi soups you can try this winter

1. Palak soup:

As winters start, green leafy vegetables like palak and sarso become a common affair in Indian households. We get these in bulk and use them in almost any form, from palak ki sabzi to palak ki dal. But if you are tired of the usual palak dishes, make this easy and delicious palak soup instead to soothe your soul. The palak soup gets slightly thick and creamy and is the perfect quick one-pot meal you need. Here’s the recipe for you.

5sn51daPalak soup is delicious and easy to make

2. Urad Chana Dal soup:

It is natural to feel more lazy than even on winter evenings, you may want to refrain from eating dinner just because of the hassle of making it. But no longer, this easy valley soup can be made in the same way as any regular valley, and you can rely on a dish to quench your hunger and soothe your soul. Here’s the recipe for you.

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3. Mulligatawny soup:

An Anglo-Indian dish, the mulligatawny soup is a soulful mix of lentils, chicken, potatoes and lots of black pepper. One of the easiest ways to fill up on all the warmth and goodness from vegetables and chicken, the thick and creamy soup can be served as is or can be combined with toast. Drizzle a good amount of lemon juice and enjoy the steaming hot. Click here for the recipe.


Mulligatawny soup is a soothing dish

4. Subz badam ka shorba

Shorba is a kind of hot stew and can be made with many ingredients. Sabz badam ka shorba is made with a list of vegetables, preferably the winter vegetables that you can easily find, almond paste is added to this for the creamy consistency. The thick and delicious shorba can be enjoyed with tasty snacks like namak pare. Here is the recipe to follow.

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5. Beetroot Chicken Soup:

Beetroot (Chukander) is a common Indian vegetable that you can find in any market near you and just in case you did not know it, it is full of many nutrients and health promoting properties. Making this beetroot chicken soup is easy and effortless, cook beets in chicken stock along with the shredded chicken. Black pepper and ginger add a kick of warmth that is perfect for cold nights, here’s how you can make this at home.


Beetroot soup is delicious and healthy

There you have it, try these easy to make desi soups the next time you feel like something hot and delicious.


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