In the kitchen with Ricky: Honey lemon ginger tea is a cure-all boiled

In the kitchen with Ricky: Honey lemon ginger tea is a cure-all boiled

Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you for inviting me into your kitchen this past year. I appreciate the following and support and embrace this fresh new start with all four seasons of 2022 ahead.

I look forward to giving you some more fun, exciting and delicious recipes and I hope they can continue to inspire you to expand your culinary horizon in the coming year.

Let’s start the new year right with this healing tea! The cold weather here is loud and clear. As I brainstormed about a nice, warming recipe that should help warm us up when we come in from the cold, I stumbled upon this old but treat.

I adapted this a while back, but it made me wonder why I had not kept up with it while living in Spokane for the past five years. It is a recipe for a honey-lemon ginger tea base that is so easy that it is a great addition to your winter recipes and offers countless benefits.

Plus, once you’ve made it, you can have it on hand all winter. I’m glad I remembered it and look forward to returning home and warming up with it. The blend of these three ingredients dates back many years to China, Europe and Arabia and was used as an immune booster.

Not only does this blend taste great, it is also soothing, relaxing and provides a great tonic that helps relieve the symptoms of colds, flu and sore throats. It contains the antioxidant vitamin C, which can help heal wounds and repair and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Other benefits include improved digestion, a natural appetite suppressant, nausea and vomiting and heart health. This mixture is best when left for a few weeks in the refrigerator to naturally combine and decompose, but can be enjoyed immediately.

It becomes marmalade-like in consistency; it’s when you know it’s best. Since honey is a natural preservative, it will stay in your refrigerator through the winter. In addition to using it as a tea, try it in smoothies, as a starting point for a salad dressing or even as a base for a hot toddy.

Honey lemon ginger tea

1 lemon in quarters and cut into slices

1 4- to 5-inch button ginger, dried off, halved and sliced

16 ounces of raw and local honey (I used Green Bluff Honey Farm, which can be found in most local markets)

Pour a few ounces of honey on the bottom of a pot the size of a pint of quartz that can be sealed.

Place the lemons and ginger on top of the bottom layer of honey.

Top with the remaining honey and close the jar.

Refrigerate for about three weeks, or until the mixture is mixed and the lemon has begun to decompose.

Serve by adding a teaspoon in a mug and topping it with warm water.

Stir, nip and enjoy.

Yield: About 15 krus te

Local award-winning chef and Rind and Wheat owner Ricky Webster can be contacted at Follow Webster on Instagram @rickycaker.

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