How to keep warm with 3 winter warmer diet tips

How to keep warm with 3 winter warmer diet tips

Warming up this winter will be harder than ever for most Britons as rising energy bills become more and more prohibitive. We know all the common tricks like slippers, knitwear and endless cups of tea, but how can you really warm yourself up from the inside out? spoke with lead dietitian Sophie Medlin to find out.

How to increase body heat naturally

Storage is an obvious way to keep warm while stuck at home through the winter, but it can be a little harder to stay productive while wrapped up in a warm throw.

As the clocks should go back in just one week, leading dietitian and founder of City Dieticians, Sophie Medlin, says we need to do more than just adjust our sleep patterns to stay in top shape through the colder months.

Speaking exclusively to, she said: “Eating hot food and beverages will mean that your body does not give off its heat to bring them up to your inner temperature.

“In turn, this will help you maintain a warmer body temperature.”

While a cup of tea or a hot bowl of soup will warm you up, foods that take longer to digest can also have a similar effect on your body temperature.

Sophie explained: “When we eat something, there is a process that occurs in the body, called diet-induced thermogenesis.

“All foods cause a very small temperature rise due to this process, which increases our metabolism to break down food.”

Foods that are harder to digest increase our metabolism and temperature more markedly, which may be why we feel less cold.

What to eat in the winter to keep warm

The burning taste of ginger, chili and other spices will definitely warm up your taste buds, but Sophie says the thermogenic effect of these ingredients is almost non-existent.

Foods high in protein in particular will create the biggest change, and so will alcohol, which may be why we feel less cold when we drink. These include:

  • Lenses
  • beans
  • Lean meat
  • Fish
  • Egg
  • Broccoli

Fatty foods cause a minor change in metabolic rate and therefore temperature.

Sophie added: “Tea and coffee also cause a very small increase in body temperature due to caffeine, but the most important thing is to get hot food and drink when you are cold, to prevent your body from losing heat to the food. ”

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Why you should eat seasonally

Eating seasonally will ensure that you get the best available nutrients, so be sure to increase your vitamin intake during the cold season.

Sophie commented: “It’s worth making sure you eat some clementines and other fruits for extra vitamin C.

“We all need to take a vitamin D supplement during the winter months, so include foods that contain vitamin D like oily fish, liver and some extra dairy in your winter diet.”

During the winter, we can often feel that we want to eat hot food more than cold – this is where soups and stews come in, and the slow cooker comes in handy, says Sophie.

Key nutrients for brain function include:

  • B vitamins from animal products and green leafy vegetables
  • Omega 3 from fish oil or algae oil
  • Vitamin D for optimal brain function

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