How to get the most out of New World’s Winter Convergence Festival

How to get the most out of New World’s Winter Convergence Festival

The New World’s Winter Convergence Festival has begun, bringing healthy festivities to the island of Aeternum along with the expected eerie overtone. This time-limited event runs from December 16, 2021 to January 11, 2022, with different dates and times to note. Playing during this time will give you some pretty impressive and funky rewards, from flashy costumes to ornate weapons.

In addition to the things that are up for grabs, there are a number of new quests, opportunities to deepen your understanding of New World-lore, and special events to take place. With the introduction of the Winter Hiker and his frost-ready henchmen, there is now a whole new chapter in Aeternum’s history, featuring eerie ice trolls and the Frigid People who are here to cause mischief galore. Fortunately, there is an easier side of the festival, and one that one can freely embrace, where the long-suffering islanders get a glimpse of joy and rejoicing.

We have put together a quick guide for those who want to get the most out of this season, whether it is through free items, quests or revealing the winter hiker’s icy history.

Be present to receive gifts

Let’s not wrap up the bush here – one of the best parts of the festive season is the piles of presents. Fortunately, New World has this covered with a dedicated 10-day giveaway with wintery treats for everyone. The first few days are already gone, but there is still time to grab yourself a delicious festive hood and a wreath to decorate your pillow (more on that later).

If you missed the free stuff, do not panic, as the holiday shop for most other items will be open until January 10 (except for the Festive Deer Bundle and Court Couture Outfit, which are available until January 5). These limited edition items will help you stand out from the crowd with giant flamboyant feathery outfits and a selection of festive gun skins to help you kill in style.

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The currency for the Winter Convergence Festival is the Winter Token. These are only available through winter activities, such as recovering lost gifts (one token for every three returned), harvesting Gleamite (one token for every ten harvested), or simply swapping a pile of winter tokens for Premium Winter Tokens, which are worth more.

Just be aware that the reputation of the event will dictate what you can and cannot buy in the store, so it’s worth building it up ASAP. If you succeed in completing quests and defeating the evil aspect of Winter Wanderer, you will earn yourself a sweet reputation, though it is not enough to finish the story. You will have to engage in lost current returns, collect daily rewards from The Tree Of Light and also harvest Gleamit. Once you have built up enough rep, you can complete the final task and buy more festive items in the shop.

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Cover the halls

If you are done with the latest festive fashion, you can also give your house a complete makeover. A number of new home furnishings will also be available during this limited period and can be placed around to spruce up your home.

Even tents get a peek inside, with two Camp Skins designed to keep you cozy and protected from the icy winds of Aeternum.

However, you can go more traditional and stick to the house – decorate the halls with blue, green and purple decorations and even a pet. These include a chandelier, wreath, gingerbread hut, candle tree, gifts and a snowman in one big bundle, or take yourself the adorable reindeer in a bunch of colored dyes.

Be where the parties are

There are a total of four Winter Villages, located in Everfall, Monarch’s Bluff, Weaver’s Fen and Brightwood. Each of these is the place to be at Christmas time as you will be able to launch the new quest lines by finding Yeti here. Completing quests rewards you with tokens that can also be used in the themed winter wonderland with shops in each village.

You also feel like chasing some ice caves to complete these quests and drive the lord of the ice and his minions back. There are twelve of these, most of which occur between Brightwood and the Great Cleave.

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List the city

The Tree Of Light is an important aspect of this festival, and should be looted once a day to get the most out of it. By checking in once a day, you contribute to the maximum level for that tree. One can be found in every settlement.

Gleamit must also be harvested for the sweet token. One way to find your first part is to talk to Winter Wanderer. He will put a marker on your map and you will soon encounter a large purple pointed pile of things. Gleamite showers, however, are random, so keep your eyes on the sky for any falling gems. It is definitely worth harvesting these glowing crystals as soon as you see them as they can be exchanged for significant amounts of tokens. And aside from the economic benefit, the showers are a real sight to behold.

Spread some cheers

It’s never a bad idea to pick up some happy feelings, and if you snatched the appalling emote from the free giveaway, you might even get some sympathy. Along with this, you can teach yourself in the game to do a traditional Leg Kick Dance or a simple Belly laugh to express your joy during festivities.

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Experience duality

If ever there was a time to lose yourself in lore, it’s when a whole new chapter has been added to the development of Aeternum. The winter wanderer is an omnipotent character of two halves, symbolizing the joy and kindness of convergence on the one hand and misery and icy fear on the other. Completing quests in which the mighty Yeti are killed and the impending threat of an eternal winter is pushed back will bring you favor with the benevolent Father Winter, who will reward you with plenty of food and wine. Failure to defend the island, however, puts you in great danger as Lord of Frost mobilizes his icy army.

Have you decorated the halls and killed some ice trolls yet in the New World? Be sure to check out the Winter Convergence Festival from now until January 11, 2021 and enjoy the happy chaos.

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