How to celebrate St.  Patrick’s Day with the whole family

How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the whole family

At the end of the long winter months, March 17th shines brightly on the spring horizon with a flurry of emerald colors, leprechauns and the luck of the Irish. Whether you want to stay and enjoy the holidays with your kids and a toast Lucky Charms or plan to head out for a pint of green beer and adult festivities at a local pub, there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Even if you are not of Irish heritage, you can still enjoy being festive at St. Paddy’s Day in honor of Emerald Isle. Typically filled with green fanfare, food and lots (and lots) of drinks, it’s a holiday that welcomes all styles of celebration. But your celebration does not have to be exaggerated or even overly authentic to be enjoyable. Of course you can plan a huge party where you only serve green food, listen to Irish folk songs and play games with an Irish twist, but you can also celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a more subdued way. Read a book by an Irish author, put on green clothes, or just make a festive post on social media.

Read on for lots of inspiration on how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year.


Enjoy green food and drinks

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A rather cumbersome way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on is eating green food and drinking green drinks. Shamrock shakes and green beer are definitely staples, but you can also incorporate green food into your actual meals. For example, you could start your day with green breakfast like a spinach stew or kale and eggs and then continue with the theme for the rest of the day.

In honor of St. On Patrick’s Day you could also make a large portion of green sweets such as cookies in the shape of a four-leaf clover and topped with green icing or some pistachio macarons to enjoy with your children or share with your neighbors and colleagues. You can also just make your child’s food green with a few drops of food coloring.


Make a festive post

One of the simplest ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is on with a festive post on social media. A snapshot of your selection of green beers is obviously a good starting point, but there are plenty of other ways to spread the Irish love on March 17th.

Del St. Patrick’s Day memes or funny quotes on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to spread Irish luck to friends and family. Even better, post an Irish poem or lyrics on your social account to really capture how much the spirit of the holiday means to you.


Play games with an Irish twist

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day allows you to have a game night (or day) dedicated to the holiday. Celebrate it by playing parlor games as “celebrity”, but use only celebrities of Irish descent, or play 20 questions where the topics have an Irish theme. Hide gold coins around your house so your kids can find scavenger hunt style or grab a St. Patrick’s Day bingo card that can be printed from Etsy to play a round together.

Obviously, drinking games are also paired for the course if you are celebrating with other adults and all you have to do is drink green beer or some Irish whiskey to be on the theme.


Berries green

OK, this one is pretty obvious. If you do not wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, you’re probably going to be hugged by your kids at some point, so plan ahead and put on some sort of green clothing or accessory to celebrate the day. Even if you do not go from head to toe to emerald for the holidays, some green socks, a green scarf or even a green scrunchie work well in a pinch. (See what I did there?) You can also dress your kids in green clothes so the whole family can join in the celebration.


Dance and Irish jig

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Who has not in awe seen a group of traditional dancers bursting into rhythmic Riverdance choreography? Learn to make a little arrow yourself when you sign up for Irish dance classes in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Doing Irish dance justice is a true art form, but even if you are completely devoid of rhythm, it can be fun trying to learn to keep up with Irish music. You can search Google’s search results for “Irish Dance Classes Near Me” or stream a YouTube video to follow an online lesson.


Read books about St. Patrick’s Day

You can read St. Patrick’s Day books for children on March 17 to celebrate it with the little ones. Picture books about leprechauns and luck are at the center of the holiday, and there are plenty of fun choices for kids of all ages to enjoy. Some even have their favorite characters like Pete the Cat and Curious George starring in their own St. Patrick’s Day Stories.

You can also read adult novels by Irish writers to celebrate the holiday. Angela’s ashes and PS I love you are classics, but you can also try a title by Maeve Binchy or Donal Ryan to get a taste of what Irish life actually is like.


Watch an Irish movie

Get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day when you curl up on the couch watching an Irish movie. There are lots of Irish movies out there across all genres so you can choose whatever you are in the mood for that day. For horror fans, there is nothing more frightening than the movie Leprechaun, but if you’re in the mood for a good, old-fashioned Irish gangster movie, check it out The Boondocks Saints or The departed. If you watch with children, A very unfortunate Leprechaun is a top choice for families to enjoy together.


Join a parade

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There is virtually nothing like a St. Patrick’s Day parade to start your holiday celebration. Filled with festive floats decorated for the gills, Irish folk music from speakers and probably more green beer than you can handle, many major cities (and even some smaller cities) are hosting a parade on March 17th.

If a parade is not quite right for you, or if there is not one nearby, another idea is to go to the greenest area you can find and enjoy some outdoor time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year. Take a walk in the fresh air, go hunting for four-leaf clover, and simply enjoy all that the outdoor life has to offer.


Go to a pub

If you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without children, a pub is the perfect place to enjoy all the festivities of the day. Just do a quick Google search on Irish pubs near you to find out where you can enjoy green beer, live music and even some Irish snacks you like on March 17th. You can also check reviews of Irish pubs on sites like Yelp to give you a good idea of ​​what to expect when you go on holiday. This is a great idea if you are planning to meet a group of friends and really want to enjoy an authentic Irish style party.


Learn Irish words and phrases

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in an authentic way, so take the time to get to know the Irish language. “Often mistakenly referred to as ‘Gaelic’ (which is a language group which includes Irish or refers to a language spoken in Scotland), Ireland’s mother tongue is simply ‘Irish’. And thanks to British colonial efforts to curb its use for centuries, it is threatened by the UNESCO Atlas of the World Language, ”Romper reported earlier. As such, there really is no better way to honor the day than to pick up a few Irish phrases or even just learn to count to 10.


Lav St. Patricks Day Crafts

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Bring your children to the fun of the holiday when you make St. Patrick’s Day crafts together. Crafting is a fun way to celebrate at home without planning an entire party or preparing a lot of food. (Though you can do it too!) You can make DIY shamrock hats, build a leprechaun house, make miniature pots of gold, or decorate your home with handmade St. Patrick’s Day banners that you make together. The possibilities are truly endless, so grab a stack of green building paper and some gold glitter and let your kids go wild.


Answer all your child’s questions about the holiday

If your kids tend to ask endless questions about why you do certain things or celebrate certain holidays, they probably have lots of questions about St. Patrick’s Day. But do you know the answers?

Despite having Irish ancestors, I honestly do not know much about the holidays other than the Americanized day of drinking and carrying greens. Fortunately, this handy article on how to explain St. Patrick’s Day for kids, lots of information on holiday history, traditions, leprechaun-lore and more in one place. Refresh your knowledge prior to the holiday, and then share with your children when they (inevitably) ask.


Set up a Leprechaun Trap

One of the most whimsical ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with kids on is making a leprechaun trap. Basically, these smart, decorative boxes with treats and trinkets underneath are meant to lure a leprechaun in and catch them inside. Some are shaped like a leprechauns hat (obviously to fool them into thinking it’s their hat), while others are filled with Lucky Charms and gold-plated chocolate coins to entice the curious little boys. Follow a tutorial or make it up as you go, but no matter what, you can enjoy this silly and fun activity with your family in honor of Skt. unskilled day.


Share Irish legends

You probably know that St. Patrick’s Day is about so much more than green beer, pots of gold and leprechauns. But some of the most popular aspects of today’s celebrations are actually rooted in Irish legends and folklore.

To really understand the origins of the holiday, dig into stories from Irish culture about merrows (magical Irish mermaids), selkies (seals that become humans) and bodachs (scary fairies), and then share them with your family. This article on Irish folklore is a good starting point, but there are also entire Irish history books on the subject.


Make a traditional Irish party

Making classic Irish food at St. Patrick’s Day is a fun way to celebrate the holiday. From beef and cabbage to colcannon made with kale and potatoes and Dublin Coddle, there are plenty of tasty and traditional Irish foods you can make a home. There are even more than a few kid-friendly Irish meals you can make to delight everyone at the dinner table like corned beef hash, shepherd’s pie and soda bread.

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