How to always eat fresh – even in winter |  Party and field: Food begins in the field

How to always eat fresh – even in winter | Party and field: Food begins in the field

Valerie Agyeman, The founder of Flourish Heights, a health nutrition practice, digital platform and community that helps women nurture a healthy relationship with food, offers practical advice on eating fresh food all year round.

Valerie Agyeman

Dietitian Valerie Agyeman. Photo provided.

When it comes to meals, people often find themselves attracted to hearty soups and stews at this time of year. According to Agyeman, you can enjoy the hot dishes, cool months you feel like – just do not forget to include plenty of vegetables as well. Here’s how you do it.

Farmbox (for function)

Farmbox Direct is a popular option for delivering fresh ingredients.

Deliver fresh to your door

Agyeman emphasizes that fresh produce is always a winning choice, and thanks to the recent rise in delivery services, it’s easier than ever.

Canned vegetables

Consider canned (and frozen)

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While fresh is great, Agyeman notes that you should not knock on cans or frozen fruits and vegetables. “For all sorts of reasons, access to fresh food can sometimes be a challenge, and if you’re looking for ways to add more plants to your diet, they all count – including frozen and canned options,” she explains.

Vegetable preparation

Plan and prepare

Keeping your kitchen consistently filled with fresh ingredients helps most people eat more of it, but there is still preparation involved and Agyeman also has some thoughts here.

“Work smarter by preparing meals at once,” she says. “Buy fruits and vegetables – [then] go ahead and chop and slice them, and pack them together for your meals for the week. It takes a few steps out of the process after a long day, and ease is the key when you want to make eating more products a healthy habit. “

Roasted vegetables

Do not forget to fry

When it comes to cooking with and serving your sliced ​​and sliced ​​fruits and vegetables, it is (again) the best way to stay on track to keep it simple.

“Frying fresh vegetables is so easy and very delicious,” says Agyeman. “I love throwing garlic and fresh herbs in; right now, winter herbs like rosemary are among my favorites. ”

Kale and eggs

Grab something green

Agyeman also suggests adding dark leafy vegetables to dishes ranging from breakfast eggs to breakfast sandwiches to dinner casseroles.

“Greens are full of iron and calcium. Throw a few handfuls of spinach in soups and stews. Put some kale with your hot eggs on a breakfast sandwich – or stir it into scrambled eggs. When you start adding vegetables to things, you will start to see all sorts of ways to do it and you will find what you like best. “


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