How it arose and the long list of food hygiene problems they found

How it arose and the long list of food hygiene problems they found

Ventnor Winter Gardens has been issued the worst possible food hygiene rating after allegations that a customer ‘felt uncomfortable’ after eating there.

An accumulation of dirt, grease and food debris as well as obsolete high-risk foods were found.

Zero hygiene rating
It received a zero hygiene rating and also an improvement report from the Isle of Wight Council, as inspectors had reasonable grounds to believe the “non-compliance” with the rules because there was no evidence to demonstrate “the effective use” of a food safety management system.

The restaurant has since said it has worked on the issues, installed a new food safety management system with the support and assistance of the council and complied with the notice given.

VWG: Welcome to revisits and new scores in the new year
A spokesman for Ventnor Winter Gardens said they welcome a return visit and a new score in the new year.

Environmental health inspectors visited the company on Pier Street on October 21 and found three areas that needed to be addressed immediately.

Illness ‘could’ be associated with the cleanliness of the frying pan
In their report, inspectors said they had received a claim that a customer felt “uncomfortable” after eating fish and chips there.

They said that although there was no “direct evidence” to suggest that this was the cause of the customer’s illness, based on observations at the time, “it was possible that the quality of the food was affected” by age and condition. of the oil and the cleanliness of the frying pan.

An accumulation of food debris, grease and dirt
The overall cleanliness, inspectors said, was poor and unclean in a number of areas and found an accumulation of food debris, grease and dirt.

In one of the service refrigerators, there were signs of mold growth.

Inspector: Disappointed to find ‘a number of the same areas unclean’
Referring back to Ventnor Winter Gardens’ previous inspection in February 2020, where the site received a score of one in five possible, inspectors said they were disappointed to find ‘a number of the same areas unclean’.

There was also an area in need of repair that had not been sorted despite attempts to hire craftsmen, hindered by Covid.

The work is scheduled to take place
Ventnor Winter Gardens said the council has allowed until the end of January to complete the work as a contractor has been scheduled.

Part of the wall directly above the cooking wall was damaged, inspectors said, in very poor condition, unclean and not of proper construction.

11 high-risk items with an earlier expiration date
While there was a system of stock rotation and control, it was not implemented as inspectors found 11 high-risk items with an earlier expiration date – including cooked sausages, pastrami and eggs and a number of lower-risk items in the dry. department store. They were at that time voluntarily disposed of.

Risk of contamination
Inspectors saw a risk of contamination, in one case ciabatta bread was thawed on top of the basin freezer, which was visibly unclean.

There was also irregular monitoring of chilled high-risk foods with two days of control not being recorded and in the bar area, none at all.

Inspectors found in the bar area milk and other dairy products were stored at 10.5ºc when it should be at or below 8ºc.

Misleading menu items
Misleading menu items with food labeled from the Isle of Wight were also found, as it was unclear if that was the case.

Its ‘Isle of Wight Traditional Breakfast’ apparently had only tomatoes definitely attached to the island, with no evidence to suggest that the other items were from the island.

A spokesman admitted the point, saying the breakfast has subsequently been renamed to avoid any confusion.

Staff trained and performed work
The spokesman also said staff had been retrained and that necessary kitchen maintenance and refurbishment had been carried out.

They said,

“The conservatories were re-inspected 14 days after this report and got an indication of a much higher score when the last piece of maintenance is completed and by re-inspection in the new year.”

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