How can you eat a family dinner if mom and dad both work?  Here are some tips

How can you eat a family dinner if mom and dad both work? Here are some tips

For Andrea Karns, vice president of sales and marketing for Karns Foods, family dinner was a family tradition.

“Whether it was 4:30 before the football practice took place, or at 7:30 when everyone came home and finished for the night. It has always been a priority,” Karns said.

But Karns says for many families today that the tradition is hard to maintain when both parents have to turn on the clock.

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“61% of families are both working parents, so they are out there working all day long, coming home, picking up their children, they want to sit down at the table and have a stress-free evening meal, and it is often difficult with the time stress we already have. is in, ”said Karns.

But, she says, grocery stores have a lot of solutions and shortcuts to offer.

“Freshly cut and cooked in the frozen section, you will definitely find canned vegetables in the middle of the store, but it is also important to make the freezing section your best friend. Having some vegetables for the freezer on hand in your freezer at a moment’s notice that you can put on the kitchen table is a great way to save time and still give your family a healthy meal. ”

“One thing that families often struggle with is the centerpiece of the plate,” she said. “You have your vegetables, you have your potatoes, you have your salad ready, but what needs to be in the middle of the plate.?

“There are many ways to make it streamlined, whether you’re buying something cooked and reheating it, a grab-and-go option, it’s definitely super easy, or when you go through the meat or seafood section, are items that have been marinated, or stuffed chops, stuffed chicken breast where it is already done, it just needs to be in the oven. ”

Karns adds that one of the biggest time savers is planning ahead. “When we make a meal plan at the beginning of the week and plan on Monday, we have to have chicken, on Tuesday we make tacos, so on and so forth.”

And if possible, she says prepare the meal the night before.

When you finally get the family for everyone to sit at the table at the same time, Karns has one last suggestion: Put the electronics away from you before picking up your fork.

Carved out the time mobile phones go to the side, even if it’s just for 15, 20, 30 minutes, no matter how long I can get with the family sitting around, being with each other, face to face, eye contact, enjoying a good meal, any of that time is a great bonus time that is going to create a lot of memories. ”

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